On Your Disneyland Vacation, Timing is Everything!

The second in our series on Tips for Visiting Disneyland is "Timing is Everything." Remember to book your budget-friendly, family-friendly, relaxation-friendly Anaheim timeshare after reading these tips:
  1. Visit During Off-Season…Believe it or not, Disneyland does have an "off-season" - several, in fact. If you can, plan your Disneyland vacation between the first week in January and President's Day, or between the day after Easter to Memorial Day, or between Labor Day and the end of September.

    And remember that anytime during the year the weekdays are less busy than the weekends, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sundays are quieter than Saturdays.

  2. Busiest Times Advantages…Disneyland's busiest times are the summer months, and the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. An advantage of visiting during the summer is that the Park stays open later, often until after midnight. Disneyland is a spectacular place at night, lit from top to bottom with millions of lights. Disneyland's late hours also give you time to go back to your air-conditioned timeshare in the heat of the afternoon for a break, and the kids can enjoy a swim in the pool.

    Another busy season advantage is the extra shows and parades that are staged when the Park is open late, and the many special activities and events that happen only during the holiday season.

  3. Purchase tickets online…You don't want to waste time standing in line at the ticket booth, and pre-purchased multiple-day tickets allow you to enter the Park up to an hour ahead of other folks on some days.

  4. Entering the Park…If you won't have the multiple-day ticket "early bird" advantage, plan to get to the main gate at least 30 minutes before it opens to be some of the first to enter. You might manage to get on a couple of rides before the great thrust of visitors arrive for the day. This is also the perfect time to shop along Main Street. The stores open before the Park does and are much less busy at this time. The store clerk can give you instructions on how to store your purchases at the package claim spot near the entrance.

  5. Know when these rides are closed…The Haunted Mansion is always closed in late September for its transformation into Haunted Mansion Holiday that begins on Halloween. By the same token it is closed again right after New Year's Day for its change back. It's a Small World closes in early November to get dressed up for its Christmas holiday look, and again closed right after New Year's Day so the decorations can be taken down. Fantasmic! is only open during the summer season, although it may perform on some off-season weekends.
And, when you rent a timeshare for your Disneyland vacation, you know you’ll have 7 fun filled days at the “Happiest Place on Earth”, so, you will have time to see and experience all the fun Disney has to offer the whole family. For more tips, read our previous article: 4 Tips to Know Before You Travel to Disneyland.
And, Where to go if you Need Help While Visiting Disneyland
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