Summer Family Fun and Kids Travel Tips

Summer family vacation time will soon be upon us. And yes, even in our current economic atmosphere you can still find ways to have a wonderful time on vacation with your kids, bonding and creating memories together.

The trick is to find budget-friendly vacation destinations. One of the most inexpensive ways for a family to vacation is by renting a timeshare. The cost per person is usually much lower than hotel rooms - often you can sleep a group for what would be the price of one or two in other types of lodgings. Along with bedrooms a timeshare also gives you living space, and best of all, a kitchen. You'll find huge vacation savings when you don't have to eat out for every meal with your children.

Finding fun vacation activities for the entire family is also easy to do. Check on the internet for sites that offer suggestions for kid-friendly timeshares where the resorts offer kids clubs, pools and family oriented activities right on their property. Sites such as also give invaluable reviews of resorts, museums, theme parks, and all kinds of activities and events that would be things you might want to incorporate into your family vacation planning.

The reviews on Trekaroo are by parents who have "been there, done that" with their kids, and want to help you in being able to do the same with your kids. When you travel with kids there are pitfalls that you'll want to avoid, and great kid-friendly "must-do" activities you'll want to experience. Those who have gone before you can offer suggestions, ideas and tips on how to avoid the one and embrace the other.

After your terrific family vacation this summer why not consider adding your two cents worth to the kid-friendly vacation community? Go online and let other parents know what you thought about your timeshare, the resort, and the activities and events that your family spent time together doing. Kids travel is an incredible experience everyone can enjoy over and over again.

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