iPad: An Ingenious Device for Timeshare Resorts

Whether you are a true technophile or are computer-challenged, you've undoubtedly heard of Apple's newest product, the iPad. On April 3, 2010, the much heralded iPad went on sale to the public. Well, it's more like the iPad "came roaring out of the gate," as one reviewer put it. Apple had boasted that initial sales would be between 200 - 300 thousand units, but in actuality sales topped out on the first day at over 700 thousand.

Many computer-industry watchdogs are claiming that the iPad is as revolutionary as the personal computer once was. You'll be seeing the iPad used in multitudes of different ways, and not just for entertainment and the fun of downloading applications (apps). This means that even when you go on your timeshare vacation the resort will most likely in the future be using the iPad. In fact, InterContinental Hotels Group has announced that very fact just this week.

Actually the iPad is an ingenious device for use by timeshare resorts. Described as being in a category between a smartphone and a laptop computer, the iPad runs software that is downloaded from Apple's "App Store." This can include an office suite application that does everything from word processing to spreadsheets, and video applications and maps, and the list goes on.

What this means to you, the timeshare vacationer, is that soon you might find yourself being checked in with the use of an iPad, and no use for the reception desk. Other functions that are sure to improve guest relations include concierge services. Ask directions to a hidden bistro you've heard about, and voila - up on the iPad screen pops directions, reviews, the menu - anything else you want to know about the little place? You'll even be able to see a high-resolution satellite view of it. And how about the concierge assisting you in purchasing tickets to the hottest show with the flick of a finger, or do you need to know the hours an obscure little museum is open?

An InterContinental Hotels spokesperson states that the possibilities of the iPad for the resort industry is "endless." The more they use it the more they'll find things to use it for. And Apple is encouraging everyone from major corporations to normal folk to design apps for the iPad, opening the door for applications software that can be truly dedicated to making the vacation experience of timeshare vacationers the best yet.

(Photo provided by apple.com/ipad)
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