Enjoy the History of Charleston on a Family Vacation

Charleston, South Carolina, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in North America. Its rich history and culture go back to 1670 when a small settlement was established in the name of King Charles II of England, and named Charles Towne.

Plan a family vacation with a timeshare rental, and immerse yourself in the history, mystique and beauty of this wonderfully preserved city, where you can experience tours through historic landmarks and stately antebellum homes. Located on a lovely setting along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, at the confluence of the two rivers, the Historic Downtown District has proudly stood throughout Charleston's history as the cultural capital of the South, and is considered by many to be a living museum.

Take a walking tour through the Historic District, either self-guided or following a knowledgeable tour guide. The kids might especially enjoy a beautiful horse-drawn carriage ride tour (see photo provided by Classic Carriage Works).

You'll explore such remarkable historic sites as the Exchange and Provost, built in 1767. Declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973, this building has a dungeon. It also served as a customhouse, and hosted an event for President George Washington in 1891. It was badly damaged by artillery fire during the Civil War.

The Powder Magazine, built in 1713, is the oldest surviving public building in South Carolina, and was involved in the 1780 American Revolutionary War siege on Charleston.

A fun tour for the entire family is the Charleston Ghost and Graveyard Walking Tour. Here you'll get information that the average visitor would never know about certain aspects of history in Charleston.

A not-to-be missed event is the world-famous Spoleto Festival USA, May 28 - June 13, 2010. Charleston's many historic theaters, churches and outdoor spaces are filled with over 120 performances by both renowned artists and emerging performers in disciplines ranging from opera, theater, music theater, dance, and chamber, symphonic, choral, and jazz music, as well as the visual arts.

While staying here you'll enjoy Charleston's dialect, unique even for the south. The features of Charleston's speech are attributed to its early settlement by French Huguenots and Sephardic Jews, and to the influence of a high concentration of African-Americans who spoke the Gullah language. Odds are that after spending a wonderful week in your Charleston timeshare, you kids will be sounding like natives.

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