Traveler Beware: Hotels Charging Extra Fees

Have you noticed that in life if it isn't one thing it's sure to be another? Or as comedienne Gilda Radner famously noted "It's Always Something." Airline travelers are being hit right and left with one extra fee after another these days. Nobody likes it, but we're all getting used to it.

Now comes the word that many hotels are jumping on the same bandwagon. With occupancy at all time lows, hotels are attempting to make up lost revenue by adding extra charges, some up front and some hidden.

As you read through this partial list, keep in mind that if instead of staying in a hotel you purchase a timeshare resale, or vacation in a timeshare rental, most if not all of these extra fees will mean absolutely nothing to you.
  1. Charged for telephone calls you don't make, for smoking in a non-smoking room when you didn't, for unordered movies, etc.

  2. Extra charge for a towel by the pool, and you're not allowed to bring one from your room. If you take the pool towel back to your room, you're charged again.

  3. Business Center - even if you don't use it, by staying in the hotel that has it you are charged a Business Center fee.

  4. Fitness Center - same here - if you never set foot in the fitness center or gym you can still be charged a fee just for it being on the premises.

  5. Safe. Even if you don't use it, you can be charged a fee to cover the cost of providing a safe and the insurance policy that covers the contents.

  6. Water. The special "gift" of a bottle of water left in your room can cost you up to $6.

  7. The "complimentary" newspaper left outside your door, whether you want it or not, can cost you another fee for the "convenience."

  8. Housekeeping and bellman gratuities. Even if you are a considerate guest and always plan on appropriate tipping, many hotels automatically tack on $30 to $50 to cover the gratuities anyway.

  9. Energy surcharge. Intended to recover the rising costs of providing electrical power, this charge can add $3-$6 dollars a day to your bill. Can you believe it?

  10. And watch out for this one! Mini bar - no not the insane charges for each thing you actually consume. We're talking about an "unstocking charge" for each item that you move to find a place for your own things, or even if you pick something up just to look at it. Sensors in the bar record your action and add the product's fee to your room bill.
Vacationing with a timeshare starting to look pretty good? You Bet!
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