4 Tips to Know Before you Travel to Disneyland

There is absolutely nothing better than a family fun vacation visiting Disneyland. When you rent an Anaheim timeshare in California, you are assured of comfortable, convenient lodgings at a budget price, and of a magical experience at the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Many families head to Disneyland "on a wing and a prayer," hoping that all will go well. But it's a big, busy, bustling place full of activities, rides, restaurants, sights, sounds, events - an entire whirling world all its own. Although Walt Disney famously stated, "Disneyland is going to be a place where you can't get lost or tired unless you want to," you'll need a good plan to make sure he was right about your family's Disneyland experience. This is the first in our series on Tips for Visiting Disneyland.

Before You Leave Home...
  1. Visit Disneyland.com... at least a month prior to your trip to Disneyland, and purchase your tickets online. Waiting in line to buy tickets when you get there is time wasted when you could be in the park! Also make reservations at this time if you plan to eat at the Blue Bayou restaurant, attend a character meal, or take the Tour.

    A warning: Disneyland does Not refund or replace lost tickets! Be sure that your tickets are kept safe both at home and while traveling. Always know where they are!

  2. When packing…Check Anaheim weather. Be prepared for cool evenings during the winter even if the day is warm. Unless it is a thunder storm with lightening, Disneyland remains open when it's raining. Umbrellas are far too cumbersome. Instead, easy to pack-and-carry cheap, disposable rain ponchos are the best bet.

    Usually it will be sunny, and often quite hot. Pack plenty of waterproof sunscreen, hats with strings or tie-ons (you don't want them flying off during a ride), and UV protective sunglasses for the entire family.

  3. Making your plan…Print off a Park map and study it. A good strategy of how to get through the Park will optimize your chances of enjoying the rides and events that you're interested in. Also having some idea of how to navigate around Disneyland will prevent wasted time. Circle food vendors on the map. When your kids have reached their limit and need re-fueling, it'll be handy to see at a glance what's close by.

  4. A family conference…Sit down with all members of your travel group and discuss the rides. If you have younger children it's a good idea to measure their height at home then check out the list of rides online to see which ones they will be allowed to go on.

    Nobody likes to stand in long lines, but the fact is that Disneyland sees over 14 million visitors a year. Disneyland's "FastPass" does shorten your wait a bit. This system will "save" your place in line while you go do something else. Also download and use the easy and inexpensive software "Ridemax," which can shorten your total wait time significantly. Also, consider visiting off season and even mid-week is best for shorter lines.
You’ll be happy to unwind at your timeshare at the end of a busy day! And, since it has all the comforts of home, you can save even more money by cooking a few meals there since eating at the “house of mouse” can cost a pretty penny!

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