Chihuly Art Glass: A Must See When Traveling to Florida

Everyone is intrigued with the way light and color plays on glass. A person who can turn all of that into art is a creative genius. Rent a timeshare in the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area in Florida, and give yourself the treat of seeing the extraordinary Chihuly Collection of blown glass art at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg.

A permanent collection of world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s unique artwork is housed now in a magnificent 10,000 square foot setting designed by award-winning architect Albert Alfonso. The Collection is located on the city’s waterfront in downtown St. Petersburg on Beach Drive, in the heart of the most vibrant tourist area in St. Petersburg.

This presentation is unique as it is the first installation of Chihuly art in a building designed specifically for that purpose, so that the art and architecture work together to create a unique visitor experience of Chihuly’s art. The exhibition includes Chihuly’s spectacular large-scale installations, such as "Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier" created specifically for the collection.

A pioneer of the studio glass movement, Chihuly studied glass in Venice on a Fulbright Fellowship, and is credited with transforming the methods of creating glass art. You can enrich your experience further by visiting the Morean Arts Center Glass Studio & Hot Shop where you can watch glassblowers create one-of-a-kind pieces, have your own personal glass blowing experience, and shop for unique glass art created by local and regional artists.

St. Petersburg itself has long been known as a top Florida vacation destination. The city is located on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. It is connected to mainland Florida and Tampa by causeways and bridges across Tampa Bay.

While in St. Petersburg the kids will enjoy Great Explorations - The Children's Museum, an interactive museum featuring a Children's Village, water exhibits, and other hands-on fun with science, music and art.

Lots of fun activities on the water are waiting for you in St. Petersburg, as well, including learning to sail in the calm waters of Tampa Bay. Or you can hang out on the many beautiful white sand beaches that are kissed by turquoise Gulf waters, or go fishing - the 244-mile long shore is abundant with great fishing haunts.

With an average of some 360 days of sunshine each year, St. Petersburg is nicknamed "The Sunshine City" - perfect for a Florida timeshare rental vacation this winter!

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Disney Timeshare Vacation Photos Wanted

Disney wants YOU! All of those many photos and videos that you've taken over the years from your Disney timeshare rental vacations are now wanted - by Disney! On September 23rd Disney Parks officially launched “Let the Memories Begin” – a special celebration of family vacations and magical memories - with you and your family as the stars!

A new online site has been created where you can upload your Disney vacation memories captured in photos and videos and share them with the world. Mickey's pals promise that getting started is easy - just follow these simple instructions:
  1. Choose to share your memory on

  2. Describe your memory. Memories can upload as photos, videos or text-only.

  3. Then all it takes is hitting the “submit” box and, once reviewed, a lifetime Disney memory is stored and shared.
Who else can best represent the Disney experience than their guests, and there's no better way to do that than to share your favorite memories. When you participate in “Let the Memories Begin” you just might find that your “guest-generated content” is featured in a Disney television spot, in print ads, vacation-planning materials, and in online communications.

So relive your favorite Disney moments, dust off the pictures, and upload them to the new site. Whatever your memory is will work - were you laughing so hard you couldn't breathe on Splash Mountain? Did you think you were going to die on the Tower of Terror? Did your "too cool" teen melt when he saw Tigger? How about when your little princess met her first Real Disney Princess? There's no limit to what your imagination, and your memories, can bring to Disney's share-the-memories campaign.

The Let the Memories Begin site will be a fun place to immerse yourself in all sorts of Disney experiences as you look through the content and share the memories of other Disney guests, too.

And there’s more - beginning in January of 2011, you can also become the star of a nightly spectacular at the Disney Parks. Photos of magical memories made in the park during the day will be projected that night on Cinderella Castle at WDW and at It's a Small World at Disneyland. In both locations Disney photographers will provide images of guests shot during the day. The producers estimate as many as 500 photos will be shown in each location every evening.

So make plans now to head to a timeshare rental near a Disney Park, and your face could be as well-known as Mickey's!

Where Will You Travel on Free National Parks Day?

Did you know that our National Parks are open year-round? Did you know that there are certain days during the year when admission is Free? Did you know that one of the best ways to enjoy a National Park is by renting a timeshare? It's the perfect way to have lots of time and lots of space - to relax and really become immersed in the beauty and wonder of our National Parks.

The next free admission day to the National Parks is November 11 - Veteran's Day. And what better time to head to a National Park than during the Autumn, when so many of them are decked out in their Fall Foliage Finest.

If you think our "Wildflower National Park," aka Great Smoky Mountains National Park (see photo), is spectacular in springtime - wait until you see it in the Autumn! Undulating ridges of flashy crimsons and oranges as far as the eye can see. Rent a timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN, the "gateway" to this National Park.

From a Washington, D.C. area timeshare rental you can easily drive to Shenandoah National Park where the Skyline Drive winds along the Shenandoah River. You'll delight in the many waterfalls that sparkle like diamonds in the autumn sun, against the rich colors of fall that only the east can deliver.

Fall colors are no less beautiful out west, though. Rent a timeshare in Jackson, Wyoming, and check out the shimmering golds of aspen stands in Teton National Park. The dazzling white of geysers shooting into the air against the backdrop of a brilliant blue autumn sky is a thrill at Yellowstone National Park with a timeshare rental in West Yellowstone.

Of course, not all Parks have to be seen just for autumn colors. Rent a timeshare at the Wyndham Pagosa Resort in Pagosa Springs, CO, and take a short drive to Mesa Verde National Park. Here you'll see the incredibly well-preserved cliff dwellings of the ancient Anazazi Indians. In soft autumn air you can climb ladders to high lofts or down into sacred kivas.

A Hawaii timeshare rental on the Big Island will put you in good position on November 11 for free admission to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Get up close and personal with some of nature's most awesome power. You can even hike to a point along the shore where molten hot lava meets cold sea water with some very dramatic crashing and boiling.

Wherever you chose your timeshare rental, enjoy our rich heritage of National Parks this November. They are resplendent in autumn dress and exciting with unique natural and archeological wonders.

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How John Steinbeck can Help Choose Your Timeshare Vacation

Are you looking for some really fun ideas of where to take your next timeshare rental vacation? Fifty years ago this month (on September 23 to be exact), Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck drove out of town with his magnificent standard poodle named Charley, and began a road trip that resulted in a travel literature classic, "Travels with Charley."

To celebrate the golden anniversary of this amazing travel duo, travel journalist Robert Reid has compiled a list of some of the spots where you can follow in the footsteps - or rather the tire treads - of John's and Charlie's pickup camper. Here are three, each near timeshare rentals.
  1. Wisconsin
    Rent a Wisconsin Dells timeshare - and fall is a good time for it. This state is as covered in the rich tapestry of colorful autumn leaves as anywhere in New England. While Steinbeck and Charley actually spent more time in Wisconsin hunting for the elusive "Swiss Cheese Candy," you can stay at the Dells and enjoy the incredible variety of activities and events there, or venture out on some day trips to try the famous Wisconsin cheeses. Also indulge in the state's lesser known but just as tasty product - maple syrup - perfect for those fall apple pancakes you'll be mixing up for your timeshare breakfast.

  2. New Orleans
    The Big Easy was a favorite of Charley's, and who could blame him with all of the fantastic tastes and smells that emanate from this delicious town. Rent a New Orleans timeshare and indulge in the favorite pastime of locals and visitors alike - eating. There are few other places in the world where such a diversity of dishes is available in one single city. From rich paninis to spicy gumbo to the famous King Cake of Mardi Gras fame, you'll find it all in New Orleans.

  3. Salinas
    There are a number of California timeshare rentals within easy driving distance of Steinbeck's home town, and Salinas is justly proud of its famous favorite son. The historic downtown, called Old Town Salinas, is home to the National Steinbeck Center, the Steinbeck House, and the John Steinbeck Library. The beautiful Salinas Valley has some of the largest growers for the international floral industry, as well as rolling hills of famous vineyards. Charley, by the way, is buried outside the family’s former cottage in Salinas.
When you follow the travel trails of these two intrepid vagabonds you're sure to discover the America that Steinbeck and his dog set out to find. And by renting a timeshare you give yourself the time to get to know each spot just a little better.

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Take Duffy the Disney Bear on Your Timeshare Vacations

Rent a Disney timeshare in California or an Orlando timeshare now and plan to be part of a great Debut at either Walt Disney World in Florida, or Disneyland Resorts in Anaheim, CA. On October 14, 2010, Duffy the Disney Bear will make his long-anticipated debut at the U.S. Disney Parks.

Never heard of Duffy? Well, he made his first official appearance at Tokyo Disneyland where he's become quite a phenomenon. See, what happened was that when Mickey Mouse was getting ready to go on a trip, Minnie knew he would need a traveling companion, so she got him the perfect one - his own teddy bear! And believe it or not, Duffy has actually gotten to be more popular in Japan than even Mickey!

But there's no denying who Duffy really belongs to. He has a "hidden Mickey" face shape, Mickey's silhouette is on the bottoms of his feet, and he has a very special birth mark on his hip.

In Anaheim Duffy will be introduced at Disney's California Adventure at Paradise Pier. Duffy's debut at WDW will be at a newly created venue inside Epcot across from the Mexico boat ramp. At Epcot the Kidcot program is involved as well. Kidcot Fun Stops are colorful craft stations for preschoolers located in World Showcase at Epcot. On October 14 your youngsters will be able to go to the Kidcot stops and get a unique Duffy that they can take from country to country to color, decorate, and receive country specific Duffy stamps.

In both parks, special activities and events will mark the October 14 celebration. The day will not only introduce the Duffy teddy bear itself, but also other related souvenir items such as key chains, magnets and zip pouches. The launch will also consist of some special treats like Duffy's crispy treat, chocolatey cake, molded dessert cup, a menu placemat with activities, and coming later, Duffy’s very own molded popcorn bucket.

Although Duffy is actually a small toy teddy bear that Mickey carries with him, he will now be inducted into the full-size, walk-around, character family. During his daily visits, he’ll dress for the occasion but he'll also frequently be seen in many of his own outfits, including a sailor outfit and a baseball uniform.

Disney plans to position the Duffy the Disney Bear as a direct competitor to the popular "Build-a-Bear" franchise. You'll be able to dress Duffy in a full line of costumes, including Christmas and Easter, and for special occasions such as birthdays and graduation.

Duffy is a bear of magic and great luck and the perfect traveling companion for your family. Take him along on all of your timeshare rental vacations!

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Travel to Disney this Halloween to Meet Your Favorite Villain

It will soon be Halloween time, and that means its Disney Villains time! You'll want to rent a Disney timeshare, an Orlando timeshare, or a California timeshare and join in the Halloween fun. Hear your own "screams" - of delight at meeting your favorite Disney Villain!

Who is your favorite Disney Villain? Have you ever really thought about it? Well, now is the time to do some soul-searching, and then Vote! Following are the campaign crusades from some of the most deliciously evil villains Disney ever produced, straight from Disney's Campaign Headquarters. Each one is "dying" to become your favorite:

Jafar – The all-powerful sorcerer from “Aladdin” is full of wicked magic tricks.

Maleficent – Self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil” she lures an innocent maiden to prick her finger on a spindle and fall into everlasting slumber, then transforms into a monstrous, fire-breathing dragon!

Ursula – This dreadful sea witch will sink to any depths to carry out her evil deeds! She torments undersea creatures, steals King Triton’s crown, and captures Princess Ariel’s beautiful voice. Could you “cast” your vote for someone this slippery?

Evil Queen – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most jealous of them all? When the Magic Mirror reveals that Snow White is alive and still the “fairest in the land,” the Queen transforms herself into a hag and convinces the innocent princess to take a bite of a poisoned apple.

Captain Hook – This elegant but vengeful villain anchored his ship and crew in the waters of Never Land, to seek revenge upon Peter Pan. Hook locks up Tinker Bell, sends a ticking package to Peter Pan, kidnaps the Lost Boys and forces Wendy to walk the plank, all the while repeatedly attacking Peter Pan and his crew with swords and schemes to exact lasting revenge.

Cruella De Vil – This devilish lady stops at nothing when it comes to satisfying her need for greed. She plots! She steals! She dognaps 101 Dalmatian puppies just to make the perfect fur coat. The only thing perfect about Cruella De Vil is her name. Like the song says, “If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.”

These villains will be battling each other for the title of the baddest villain of them all, now through October 28. Cast your vote at Then rent a timeshare for a great Disney Halloween Adventure to meet your favorite Disney Villain!

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Plan Your Caribbean Timeshare Rental Vacation to Visit Bimini

Hang in there - hurricane season is almost over - and you can start making plans for your next Caribbean timeshare rental vacation. One of the most dreamed of vacations is to the Bahamas - how long have you been yearning for that? And a vacation to the Bahamas is not such a reach as you might have thought. Budget timeshare rentals abound throughout this island nation.

Numerous islands make up "the Bahamas," including well-known ones such as Grand Bahama, New Providence (home to the Bahamas' capital city, Nassau), Cat Island, and Bimini. All the islands are low and flat, with ridges that usually rise no more than 50-60 feet. Actually the highest point in the country is Mount Alvernia, formerly called Como Hill, which has an altitude of 207 feet, on Cat Island.

Bimini is called the "Gateway to the Bahamas," although it is a tiny island just 700 feet wide and only 7 miles long. It's said that "on Bimini Island, you'll find more fishing, diving, sailing and more to do per square mile than anywhere in The Bahamas." It lies along the warm Gulfstream current, and has a remarkable preserve of coral reefs, white sand beaches, and very intriguing marine life. The reefs and accompanying shallow lagoons are full of colorful but strangely-shaped tropical fish, as well as sea fans and brain coral, and even ship wrecks. If you are a diving enthusiast, diving off of Bimini is a must and getting there is just a quick day trip from the other islands.

Bimini still offers that wonderful laid-back lifestyle that so captivated Ernest Hemmingway in the 1930s. And the chance to go after the same kinds of fierce game fish that Hemmingway wrote about. It also offers the extraordinary experience of cavorting with the Atlantic spotted dolphin. Or kayaking out to the "Fountain of Youth," an amazing fresh water spring bubbling up through a mangrove mud swamp that spits out lithium and sulfur.

Some of Bimini's mystique lies in the fact that many people consider it to be remnants of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Some believe that the mysterious underwater "Bimini Road" is what remains of a man-made causeway built by Atlantis’ own civil engineers. What do you think? A timeshare rental in the Bahamas will give you plenty of relaxed time to explore this intriguing idea further.

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You Don’t Have to be on Oprah to Visit Australia

In case you missed Oprah's premier show this past week kicking off her Farewell Season, it's all over the news - Oprah's biggest give away ever. On the first show of her last season she surprised her audience by announcing that she was taking all of them on a trip to Australia. If you just happened to not be in her audience that day, guess what - you, too, can take a trip to Australia - anyway. There are many great timeshare exchanges available all over that wonderful country, and some timeshare rentals, too.

For the premier of Oprah's 25th - and final - season, she gathered 300 of what her producers called her "Ultimate Viewers," and surprised them with the announcement that they were each receiving an 8-day trip to the Land Downunder. With airline pilot John Travolta no less.

Apparently, Oprah’s fans aren’t the only ones getting all excited about their trip to Australia. Reuters reports that the Australian Minister of Tourism, Martin Ferguson, will be spending almost $3 million to bring the show to the country, a move which he hopes will increase tourism. "Oprah is a household name and her star power has the potential to lift Australia's profile as a premier tourist destination,” said Ferguson.

Aussies have waited years for another tourism boon akin to the one Paul Hogan and "Crocodile Dundee" triggered, declared John Brown, Australia's former tourism minister. "If the worldwide publicity that Oprah will bring to Australia does what I think, the benefits will be something you couldn't buy."

So pack your bags, start practicing your Aussie accent, and plan a great timeshare vacation in a country that offers more diversity than you can imagine. From tropical rain forests and surfing beaches to barren deserts and the world's most amazing barrier reef, Australia offers something for everyone. Even its animal population, from bouncing kangaroos to cuddly Koalas, is wonderfully unique.

There are some great timeshare exchanges available at the Tiki Village International resort in Surfer's Paradise, and the Beachcomber International Resort in Coolangatta, both in Queensland. The Shearwater Country Club is where you can get timeshare exchanges in fascinating Tasmania. Or check out the beaches along the Indian Ocean in Western Australia with a timeshare exchange at the Silver Sands Resort in Mandurah.

Wherever in this vast, exciting country you take your Australia timeshare vacation, get ready for a real "fair dinkim" time!

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Timeshare Travel: 5 Tips for Packing for Children

A timeshare rental vacation is the perfect way to travel with small children. While many people might say "Just don't" - in otherwords, it's much easier to just stay home until the little ones are a bit older - that's not necessary. With the great accommodations that are provided by timeshares, and some practical planning, you can have a wonderful vacation-bonding time with your youngsters.

The following tips for packing for children are based on suggestions offered by Becky Goddard-Hill, an author on parenting and childcare issues.
  1. Remember to stick to the necessities. With airlines charging an arm and a leg for extra luggage and extra weight, one of the best ways to keep your vacation within your budget is to not over pack. That may sound like an oxymoron when it seems that little ones require steamer trunk loads of stuff just for an overnight stay at Grandma's, but let the threat of extra fees will help you get creative.

  2. If you'll be flying, take a basic change of clothing for your child in your carry-on. You don't want to have to take an unscheduled - and expensive - shopping trip while you wait for your lost luggage to find you.

  3. Pack easy foods and snacks such as apples, raisins, dry cereal and granola bars. These are basically mess-free to eat, and won't cause a sugar rush, while at the same time they'll assuage hunger pangs. Small amounts in a variety will help deter meltdowns from picky eaters.
    If you're flying, take a couple of empty water bottles to fill from a water fountain once you've passed security. If you're driving, a cooler with water and juices will go a long way toward keeping kids content. Either way, don't let dehydration set in, and you'll have happier kids.

  4. If you have a wee one, you might want to pack a blow-up tub float for easier baths, suggests Becky. Also make sure you have plenty of wet-wipes for all kinds of quick clean-ups.

  5. Entertainment will be one of your major jobs. Packing little "goodie" bags and spacing them out will give you some good options. Dollar stores usually have a great selection of inexpensive toys. Your portable DVD player will allow for some much-needed quiet time. Becky suggest renting some DVDs from your local library - it's a good budget move, and you'll be able to provide DVDs that are a change of pace from all of the ones at home. Although, you'd be wise to also pack a couple of the well-worn favorites.
A timeshare rental and good planning will give you a vacation of golden moments with your small children that you will always treasure. Don't miss out.

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Epcot Fun from your Orlando Timeshare

Looking for a fun vacation idea for the fall? Rent a Disney timeshare, or take an Orlando timeshare rental, and head to Walt Disney World's Epcot. The annual Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will take place this autumn from October 1 -November 14, 2010.

This special event transforms Epcot into a foodie paradise where you'll be bombarded with culinary events, sophisticated parties, and live musical entertainment. Epcot, with its international theme, is the perfect place to try delicious regional foods and wines from around the world.

The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, presented by Vanity Fair magazine, offers once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to learn from world-renowned chefs and winemakers, and indulge in some of the world's tastiest foods - all without having to step foot outside the U.S.A. New additions this year include the tantalizing tastes of Belgium and the robust flavors of South Korea.

It's easy to start eating as soon as you get there - at the Marketplaces and Promenade area more than 25 international marketplace kiosks, representing countries from 6continents, will be serving up tapas-sized portions of regional specialties. Try Steamed Mussels with Roasted Garlic Cream from Belgium, Australia's Seared Barramundi with Blistered Cherry Tomatoes, and Shrimp Stew with Coconut and Lime from Brazil - and that's just the beginning!

You can also start your wine tasting here - how about South Africa's Goats do Roam White, or China's Dragon's Hollow Chardonnay?

Wondering how your waistline is going to handle all of this? Sign up for the first annual "Run Around The Parks, Dine Around The World" Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. You'll be inaugurating a brand new half marathon course that will take you through the WDW Theme Parks. Enjoy a private after party at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival exclusively for runners and their friends.

The Eat to the Beat concert series is another way to jive and wiggle and keep in shape. You won't be able to sit still as you listen to a varied lineup of classic rock, soul, R&B, jazz and funk hit–makers, such as Kool & the Gang, Air Supply, and Sister Hazel.

An exciting schedule of seminars and demonstrations will teach you the secret techniques of culinary masters. Everything is offered from introductions to wine connoisseurship to demonstrations packed with cooking tips, and sessions where you can sample regional beers and even artisanal cheeses.

It's a good thing you'll be staying in a timeshare rental - you'll want to start trying out your new-found culinary expertise right away - and you'll have a fully equipped kitchen in which to do it!

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Rent a Hawaii Timeshare and see Volcanoes National Park

On any list of the top things to see in Hawaii you'll find Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Rent a Hawaii timeshare on the Big Island, and plan a day visiting one of the most fascinating National Parks in the U.S., and definitely the most unique.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was established on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1916. Over 500 square miles, this Park displays the results of the hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic activity that helped create and shape the beautiful islands of Hawaii that we know today. Home to such diverse bio systems as the dense Ola'a rain forest, and barren Ka'u Desert, the Park also contains the world's most active volcano, Kilauea, and most massive volcano, Moana Loa. In recognition of its incredible and distinct natural values, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was designated as an International Bioshpere Reserve in 1980 and a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Views of the volcanic landscape are dramatic, and bring home the very real sense of nature's awesome power. You'll be able to see everything from steaming caldrons to slow-moving lava flows (that you can actually walk right up to). Active eruptive sites include the main caldera of Kilauea, and an even more active but remote vent called Pu'u O'o (see photo). Each minute, 130,000 gallons of molten rock spew from this Kilauea vent, enough to entirely cover Washington DC once every five days.

The Park offers great hiking opportunities, including trails to the ocean's edge where you'll be able to see the dramatic boiling and churning of water as hot molten lava and cold sea water meet. Since 1983 over 500 acres of new land have been added to the Park as this volcanic "island building" continues.

From ancient times Hawaiians have considered Kilauea as the sacred home of their fire goddess Pele. The first western visitors to the site, missionaries William Ellis and Asa Thurston, saw Kīlauea in 1823.

Perhaps what Ellis wrote of his reaction to the first sight of the erupting volcano will also express your feelings of awe when you visit the remarkable Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:

"A spectacle, sublime and even appalling, presented itself before us. We stopped and trembled. Astonishment and awe for some moments rendered us mute, and, like statues, we stood fixed to the spot, with our eyes riveted on the abyss below."

A timeshare rental vacation where you can get up close and personal with volcanoes is an opportunity certainly not to be missed!

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4 Tips for World Travel

Many of you are seasoned travelers, and many more of you are travel dreamers, and most of you have probably at one time or another watched the Travel channel - which could be what propels you off that couch and into a timeshare rental in a great resort someplace fun, fanciful or exotic.

Odds are that you've also watched the Travel channel's Anthony Bourdain and his hit program "No Reservations." Regardless of the sometimes irreverent public persona of this executive chef turned globe trotter, Bourdain is, without a doubt, an authentic world traveler, and the miles of flying, hiking, and tramping he has accumulated makes him an authority on how to get the most out of a travel experience in a foreign country.

Timeshares are without a doubt a great way to be able to see many parts of the world - either through exchange, rental, or purchasing a resale. When you do enter this phase of your life, you're sure to find some of Tony's views on travel helpful:
  1. The purpose of travel is to have life changing experiences. Just seeing how other people live who come from very different backgrounds can make a great impact on you if you're open. "To be the recipient of random acts of kindness from strangers, to see how other people live, how hard their lives are - how different, and how similar," says Tony, "hopefully expands one’s horizons and level of tolerance."

  2. Improvising and getting lost is a good thing. When confronted with a disappointing situation, Tony suggests moving to Plan B even if there isn't a Plan B. "Some of the best times on your trip can come from winging it at the last minute," Tony explains. "…seeing something and saying let’s just go there and see what happens."

  3. Be open to the local cuisine. If you miss the street food experience, you’ve missed everything, claims Tony. "Street food (see photo) is the best of a country – and strangely, much safer for you than perhaps fancy dishes at a fancy restaurant." Tony also feels that the key to really getting the feel of a place is to hit the central food market early in the morning. Here you'll not only encounter the people, but you'll find many delicious foods to prepare in your timeshare kitchen.

  4. You'll enjoy any trip more if you give yourself good accommodations. Tony has slept on wet jungle floors and in "ludicrously dysfunctional hotels," so he should know. Allow yourself the luxury of space, clean sheets, hot showers, and any other number of luxuries, and your outlook on your trip will stay positive and healthy, no matter what you encounter. Sounds like a good recommendation for renting a timeshare, doesn't it?
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Rent a Timeshare in Cancun the Caribbean Jewel

The Caribbean will soon be emerging from this year's hurricane season, so now is the time to start planning a fun-in-the-sun timeshare rental vacation to azure seas and powdery-white sandy beaches. One place to head, on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, is Mexico's "Caribbean Jewel" - Cancun.

Cancun is on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, located on the Yucatan Channel (which is actually part of the world's second largest coral reef) that separates Mexico from Cuba and the Greater Antilles. While Cancun's city center is on the mainland, the Hotel Zone, where you'll find many terrific timeshare rentals available at luxury resorts, is an island shaped like a "7," with bridges on each end that connect to the mainland.

The "long," or vertical, side of the "7" faces open sea, and while the current is stronger there, you'll still find it a good place for surfing and snorkeling.
The "short," or horizontal, side of the 7 has calmer water that is perfect for swimming, sailing, and diving. The calm water is due to the sheltering effects of Isla Mujeres, a 5-mile long island about 7 miles off shore.

Isla Mujeres (Women Island) was so named by Spanish explorers because of the large numbers of clay goddess images found there. At that time the island was sacred to the Mayan goddess of childbirth, Ix Chel. Today the island is a popular day trip for tourists staying in Cancun.

Isla Mujeres is easily accessed by a 20-minute ferry ride that departs every 30 minutes during daylight hours from either Puerto Juarez or Puerto Cancun. Considered by many to be "the most idyllic spot in the Caribbean," the island is a world away from busy Cancun, with its peaceful, laid-back lifestyle.

Once on the island you can walk around, or you may choose to rent a golf cart or bicycle, and explore all that this beautiful Caribbean getaway has to offer - including the ruins of the Temple of the Goddess Ix Chel. The best beaches are on the northern most tip of the island and "the pristine sea that surrounds them is as calm as a giant swimming pool."

Parts of the corral reef, teeming with colorful tropical fish, are accessible by snorkeling and scuba diving just off the island's coast. For more experienced certified divers, the reefs of Punta Norte and Manchones to the south, as well as the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, and the sites of two sunken ships, all offer wonderful undersea exploration.

While there is plenty to do in Cancun, you can see that a day trip to Isla Mujeres is well worth the time, and adds another wonderful dimension to your Cancun timeshare vacation.

(Photo is the Royal Caribbean timeshare)

For World Wide Travel Consider Zimbabwe

The world is opening up more and more to travelers, and world-wide vacations are becoming quite popular. A timeshare vacation, whether it be a timeshare rental, a timeshare exchange, or the purchase of a resale timeshare, is making global travel easier, and soon the world will be your oyster.

A case in point is Africa, which is poised to become the next vacation destination superstar. Ever since it burst upon the collective consciousness of vacationers the world over when the 2010 World Cup was held this summer in South Africa with such resounding success, the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) has been excited about the prospects of increasing tourism to African countries. See Africa timeshares.

One such country is Zimbabwe. Formally known as Rhodesia, Zimbabwe is located in the south eastern part of the African continent. South Africa borders it on the south and Mozambique is on its eastern border, two countries already popular with world tourists.

Interestingly, in the 1980s Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) was a very popular tourist destination, and no wonder. This is where you find the world famous Victoria Falls (see photo), one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The fall's indigenous name, "Mosi-oa-Tunya," literally means the Smoke that Thunders.

Victoria Falls National Park has an amazing rainforest that grows in the spray of the falls with giant ferns, palms, liana vines, and a number of trees, such as mahogany, not seen anywhere else in the region. On drives and walking safaris, visitors to the Park see many animal species including elephant, hippopotamus, and the rare white rhino.

Tourism boomed through the 1990s until the political regime of Mugabe destabilized the country to the point that it became too dangerous for the tourism industry to remain. Major airlines such as Quantas and Lufthansa pulled out. Today Zimbabwe is considered by the WTTC to be a country that has the potential to become a world player again. Mugabe, now 86 and in failing health, no longer has a stranglehold on the country, and both the U.K. and the U.S. have lifted their bans on travel to Zimbabwe.

Considered one of Africa's "tourism jewels," Zimbabwe could very well be in your timeshare vacation future. According to the WTTC, Zimbabwe’s tourism economy is set to grow 9.2 % this year, the fourth highest in the world, and is expected to continue growing at 8.2 % yearly over the next decade.

Looking for a Zimbabwe timeshare rental? Post your timeshare rental request here!

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5 Things to see at Universal Studios Hollywood

A major player in the theme park world is Universal Studios Orlando. But did you know that Universal Studios Hollywood was the pioneer of the movie studio-turned-theme-park concept? Granted, it is cramped for real estate compared to its Florida big brother, but what it lacks in space it makes up for in creativity. Rent a southern California timeshare and visit Universal Studios Hollywood for a fabulous family vacation.

Universal Studios Hollywood originated the concept of using the actual movie studio back lot as a theme park to great success, and over the years has augmented its back lot tour with terrific one-of-a-kind rides and attractions. Brady MacDonald, a Los Angeles Times staff writer, offers these top suggestions:
  1. Waterworld - A great attraction for a hot day - there are clearly marked wet zones where you might get a drenching. This live-action stunt show features a war on the water with lots of explosions and special effects.

  2. Terminator 2 3-D - Based on Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1991 apocalyptic science fiction film, this is a true multimedia show that mixes acting, stunts, audio animatronics and special effects, along with a 3-D movie for good measure.

  3. Shrek 4-D - The kids will love watching Shrek and Donkey ride a fire-breathing dragon straight at them in this amazing special effects-laden 4-D film.

  4. Jurassic Park: The Ride - This river-raft ride starts out calmly enough as the raft goes through the front gates of Jurassic Park (see photo). Soon frightening things begin to happen, such as a crushed Jurassic Park tour jeep falling from the top of a wall overhead and nearly crushing the riders below (similar to the scene in the film). Brady suggests bringing along a rain poncho for the 85-foot finale plunge.

  5. Revenge of the Mummy - Brady rates this as one of his all-time favorites. Hang on while an intense special-effects roller coaster races through the dark at 45 mph past exploding fireballs and swarming beetles.
Or, plan your timeshare rental vacation for Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights. This annual October Fear Fest ranks among the best in the nation. Beware, however, that this gory and gruesome event earns an R rating. With buckets of blood, terrifying walk-through mazes, and chainsaw-wielding maniacs, you'll want to leave the kids at home.

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Visit Glow 2010 from Your California Timeshare

Have you ever heard of "white nights?" It's a global cultural event that can be seen in such cities as Paris, Rome, Toronto and Madrid... and now, Santa Monica, California. Rent a southern California timeshare and head to "Glow 2010" - September 25th on the Santa Monica beach.

Glow is an all-night cultural art experience of original commissions by artists that "re-imagine Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory artworks." The free dusk-to-dawn event features international, national and local artists.

Glow debuted as one of the biggest art events in the US in 2008, with over 200,000 attendees. And now this biennial celebration returns this fall with exciting new artwork commissioned specifically for one of California’s great public spaces - Santa Monica’s beach.

Glow 2010 commissioned 20 original artworks specifically for this one-night event. Celebrated artists include Anne Bray (Los Angeles), Céleste Boursier-Mougenot (Séte, France), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Montreal, Canada), Yoshua Okón (Mexico City) and Steve Roden (Los Angeles). In addition, over 100 artists responded to an open-call for proposals to Los Angeles County artists for Glow 2010, from which eleven were picked for funding by a jury of Los Angeles arts professionals.

Glow projects "invite active audience engagement and exploration," and are constantly surprising in their unexpected placement in spaces and times not normally reserved for fine art - such as in the sand, along the surf, and under the Santa Monica Pier. At this year’s event Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, whose technology-driven projects (such as creating pulsing light patterns by harnessing heartbeats of audience members) have been displayed around the world, will be presenting his first California creation, titled “Sandbox.”

Glow is the only all-night art event in the United States that emphasizes the commissioning of original artwork, and is a production of the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Foundation. Leave it to southern California to give you yet another great reason for a timeshare rental vacation - California style!

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Disney Security is all Around You

The number of people who visit the Disney theme parks is staggering - up to 17 million visitors a year per park. If your dream is to join that happy crowd, plan now to rent a timeshare and become one of those Disney visitors! What you may be surprised to know is that Disney security is all around you.

We all know that one of the reasons for Disney's phenomenal, and on-going, success is the company's high standards and attention to detail. So it will come as no surprise that in dealing with those millions of people, the security at the Disney parks is top notch. You've never seen a security officer at a Disney theme park you say? While a few uniformed security personnel are visible, the main thrust of Disney security is hidden so as not to intrude on the magical fantasy that is the Disney experience.

Disney security is equipped with "undercover hosts," security vans, investigators, loss prevention specialists, and communication dispatchers. Local County Sheriff deputies in cruisers are on the property around the clock, and their detectives are in place during park hours.

In order to blend in with the crowds the "undercover hosts" wear typical vacation clothes, and carry a security radio in a "tourist" type bag. Their main area of operation is the gift shops. These security people are trained to recognize shop lifters and work in conjunction with uniformed security personnel. Disney has a no tolerance policy regarding theft, meaning if someone is caught shop lifting even an inexpensive pencil they will be prosecuted by the company.

The unique Haunted Mansion ride has its own security measures. Have you ever been tempted to hop off the slow-moving doom-buggy and creep through the graveyard yourself? Don't try it. In busy seasons and times such as Grad Night Disney security personnel dressed in black are hidden through-out the ride. During other times security depends on pressure-sensitive mats strategically placed along the track which will detect and alert the operators if any non-ghostly form sets foot on them. If a mat detects an unauthorized intrusion the intrusion system responds with a shrill beeping sound and stops the ride system.

Disney security also monitors guests' safety with infrared (IR) cameras in most of the rides. These cameras are generally in plain site, and can be recognized as small pinpoints of purple light. The IR cameras in high security areas, such as gift shops, are monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day. The cameras on the rides are watched by Cast Members whom you can often see sitting in front of video screens in the ride's "tower" or control room.

So take the family on a Disney timeshare vacation, secure in the knowledge that Disney Security is all around you!

5 Tips for Using Public Transportation on Your Timeshare Vacation

transit busBudget-friendly vacations involve several things, not the least of which is the affordable accommodations you get when you rent a timeshare. At your destination there will be plenty of ways to spend your money, but transportation doesn't have to be one of them, either. Using Public Transportation is another great way to have a budget-friendly trip. Although when you're in a strange city using public transportation can seem a little daunting, with these tips by travel journalist Britt Reints, you'll find that that it's a lot easier than you might think.
  1. The Lingo. It only sounds complicated because you aren't yet familiar with the system. You'll catch on quickly.

  2. Maps. It's helpful to familiarize yourself with the city by looking at maps - either the pamphlet type that you get from a visitor's center, or online such as Google maps. Check where your timeshare is, any restaurants you're interested in, and the tourist attractions you intend to visit. Once you have an idea where different things are located in relation to each other, you're half way there.

  3. Routes. Now you can get familiar with the routes of the various means of public transportation available - city bus, subway system, trolleys and cable cars. You can download the routes from the transportation authority web site before you leave on your vacation. Match the routes with the location maps you've already looked at. Be sure to take copies of the routes with you.

  4. Navigation. There are navigation apps for iPhone and iPad. If you don't have those electronic gizmos but have access to a computer, Britt suggests using, which offers directions for several major cities, including New York City and San Francisco, and even Paris and London. Type in your current location and your destination, along with what modes of transportation you're willing to take, and you'll receive detailed directions for using the local mass transit system.
    Another navigation option is Google maps - use its "by public transit" option when you click on "get directions."

  5. Ask for Instructions. It's okay to admit when you need help - it really won't be long before you get the hang of it. If you’re uncomfortable approaching a stranger, ask the mass transit employees - that's what they're there for.
Although using the public transit system is a great way to keep your timeshare vacation budget-friendly, you'll also find that riding with the locals can give you a taste of the culture, as well as letting you see areas of the city you might otherwise miss.

Labor Day Could Be the Best Time to Travel

The internet is the modern day version of the Town Crier so spread the word! The big news today is that Labor Day 2010 is gearing up to be the best travel time in a long time. A timeshare rental for your Labor Day holiday vacation is a great way to have budget accommodations, and the current drop in oil prices will give you budget-friendly gas prices as well.

The auto club, AAA, reports that more people will be traveling this weekend, an 11 percent increase from a year ago. And most of you who will be going by car will travel more than 50 miles from home.

"The last two years were pretty dismal," AAA spokeswoman Cynthia Harris stated. "But a good sign is that people are traveling more and that's because there is some optimism that we haven't seen in quite a while."

Families are finally catching a break on gasoline prices. Fuel is at its second-lowest level in five years, and some economists predict that it could drop much further in the months ahead said Harris.

The main reason for the price drop has been the huge run-up in domestic petroleum inventories. U.S. crude oil supplies are at the highest level for August in nearly 20 years, and total petroleum stocks, including gas and other products, are at their highest level since January 1983, reported the U.S. Energy Department.

People traveling by air this Labor Day may have the greatest concerns. As Hurricane Earl charges up the Atlantic, airport delays could stretch from New York to California. "Stay in touch with your carriers," said Michael McCarron, a spokesman at San Francisco International. "With possible hurricane action on the East Coast, weather could come into play."

The smart thing to do is to toss the kids in the car and motor on down the road. You'll be able to enjoy great Labor Day activities and events just about anywhere you find timeshare rentals. The caveat of driving, of course, is the amount of holiday traffic on the roads. This is where your timeshare rental shows itself as the perfect accommodations. You can stay the full week, relax, have fun, and drive back home well after the clog of Labor Day traffic on Monday and Tuesday has disappeared.

Are you Running the Disneyland Half Marathon this Labor Day?

Calling all Disneyland fans, exercise enthusiasts, and Labor Day celebrators! Rent an Anaheim timeshare and head to Disneyland this Labor Day weekend for the 5th running of the Disneyland Half Marathon!

The Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend starts Friday, September 3rd and goes through Sunday, September 5th, with the actual Half Marathon being run on Sunday. Part of the weekend activities includes the Disneyland Health and Fitness expo, open to the general public and located in the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall. You'll be able to see the latest in running and fitness equipment as well as have the opportunity to hear expert speakers offer running tips, instructions - and inspiration.

You can participate as a runner (walking is just fine, too!) in the half marathon, help as a volunteer, or enjoy it as a spectator. A record field of more than 14,000 participants have already registered for the 13.1 mile run. There are a number of different divisions including the Master Division (age 40+) and the Wheelchair Division. The course travels through both Disneyland and California Adventure, and along Anaheim streets with landmarks such as the Honda Center and the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Cheering Disney characters and festive entertainers will do their best to inspire and encourage the participants to the finish line.

Because the 5th Anniversary is a special milestone, a commemorative special edition medal featuring Sleeping Beauty Castle circled by the number "5" and running Mickey Mouse will be presented to everyone who completes the half marathon.

Close to 570 “Legacy Runners” – those who have competed in the race all five years – will also receive special recognition throughout the race weekend. Nearly 2,350 runners are going for the Coast to Coast medal, which requires a runner to complete one of three qualifying races at Walt Disney World in Florida and the Disneyland Half Marathon in the same year.

Some of the best viewing areas along the route include the Start at Disneyland Drive to Katella Avenue, the Esplanade between Disneyland and California Adventure, the Disneyland Hotel, Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, and the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. Tickets can be purchased for reserved seating at the finish line.

A timeshare rental will put you in the middle of one of the most fun and exciting Labor Day Weekend events in the country. Whether you'll be an athlete runner or a rooting watcher, just remember what Walt Disney famously said, "If you can dream it, you can do it."

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Rent a Timeshare for Holiday Guests

PhotobucketThe kids are back in school and you know what that means… the holidays are fast approaching. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and then Christmas. If your family lives out of town and will be visiting soon, consider a timeshare rental in your city to help with accommodations. Timeshares are available throughout the United States and the best thing is that they offer all the comforts of home, especially if your home is too small to fit everyone comfortably.

Sure, it would be nice to have the whole family together all day and all night, but, what is ever nicer is giving people their own room and space to spread out and be comfortable. A timeshare rental can do just that. Most timeshares are equipped with sleeper sofas, so, a one-bedroom will usually sleep four people comfortably, a two-bedroom sleeps six and a three-bedroom sleeps eight. With their own living room, kitchen and bathrooms, this can be a great solution for out of town holiday guests.

As the rush of the holiday’s winds down, and relatives needs some downtime, a timeshare will allow your family and guests ample space and privacy. No more worries about trying to squeeze all your kids in one room for a week, making them sleep on the floor so you can make room for visiting grandparents to occupy their room and bed. A timeshare rental is just the answer you’ve been looking for, providing space and privacy for everyone in a comfortable resort setting.

Rent a timeshare
this year and make the holidays a little less hectic for everyone. You’ll be amazed what a little more space (and their own bed) will do for keeping those holidays “happy” and allowing everyone to be well rested and energized for the many days of festive family events ahead. It’s not too early to book your timeshare rental now, so, browse the largest online timeshare marketplace for rental options in November and December.

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