Plan Your Caribbean Timeshare Rental Vacation to Visit Bimini

Hang in there - hurricane season is almost over - and you can start making plans for your next Caribbean timeshare rental vacation. One of the most dreamed of vacations is to the Bahamas - how long have you been yearning for that? And a vacation to the Bahamas is not such a reach as you might have thought. Budget timeshare rentals abound throughout this island nation.

Numerous islands make up "the Bahamas," including well-known ones such as Grand Bahama, New Providence (home to the Bahamas' capital city, Nassau), Cat Island, and Bimini. All the islands are low and flat, with ridges that usually rise no more than 50-60 feet. Actually the highest point in the country is Mount Alvernia, formerly called Como Hill, which has an altitude of 207 feet, on Cat Island.

Bimini is called the "Gateway to the Bahamas," although it is a tiny island just 700 feet wide and only 7 miles long. It's said that "on Bimini Island, you'll find more fishing, diving, sailing and more to do per square mile than anywhere in The Bahamas." It lies along the warm Gulfstream current, and has a remarkable preserve of coral reefs, white sand beaches, and very intriguing marine life. The reefs and accompanying shallow lagoons are full of colorful but strangely-shaped tropical fish, as well as sea fans and brain coral, and even ship wrecks. If you are a diving enthusiast, diving off of Bimini is a must and getting there is just a quick day trip from the other islands.

Bimini still offers that wonderful laid-back lifestyle that so captivated Ernest Hemmingway in the 1930s. And the chance to go after the same kinds of fierce game fish that Hemmingway wrote about. It also offers the extraordinary experience of cavorting with the Atlantic spotted dolphin. Or kayaking out to the "Fountain of Youth," an amazing fresh water spring bubbling up through a mangrove mud swamp that spits out lithium and sulfur.

Some of Bimini's mystique lies in the fact that many people consider it to be remnants of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Some believe that the mysterious underwater "Bimini Road" is what remains of a man-made causeway built by Atlantis’ own civil engineers. What do you think? A timeshare rental in the Bahamas will give you plenty of relaxed time to explore this intriguing idea further.

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