Disney Security is all Around You

The number of people who visit the Disney theme parks is staggering - up to 17 million visitors a year per park. If your dream is to join that happy crowd, plan now to rent a timeshare and become one of those Disney visitors! What you may be surprised to know is that Disney security is all around you.

We all know that one of the reasons for Disney's phenomenal, and on-going, success is the company's high standards and attention to detail. So it will come as no surprise that in dealing with those millions of people, the security at the Disney parks is top notch. You've never seen a security officer at a Disney theme park you say? While a few uniformed security personnel are visible, the main thrust of Disney security is hidden so as not to intrude on the magical fantasy that is the Disney experience.

Disney security is equipped with "undercover hosts," security vans, investigators, loss prevention specialists, and communication dispatchers. Local County Sheriff deputies in cruisers are on the property around the clock, and their detectives are in place during park hours.

In order to blend in with the crowds the "undercover hosts" wear typical vacation clothes, and carry a security radio in a "tourist" type bag. Their main area of operation is the gift shops. These security people are trained to recognize shop lifters and work in conjunction with uniformed security personnel. Disney has a no tolerance policy regarding theft, meaning if someone is caught shop lifting even an inexpensive pencil they will be prosecuted by the company.

The unique Haunted Mansion ride has its own security measures. Have you ever been tempted to hop off the slow-moving doom-buggy and creep through the graveyard yourself? Don't try it. In busy seasons and times such as Grad Night Disney security personnel dressed in black are hidden through-out the ride. During other times security depends on pressure-sensitive mats strategically placed along the track which will detect and alert the operators if any non-ghostly form sets foot on them. If a mat detects an unauthorized intrusion the intrusion system responds with a shrill beeping sound and stops the ride system.

Disney security also monitors guests' safety with infrared (IR) cameras in most of the rides. These cameras are generally in plain site, and can be recognized as small pinpoints of purple light. The IR cameras in high security areas, such as gift shops, are monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day. The cameras on the rides are watched by Cast Members whom you can often see sitting in front of video screens in the ride's "tower" or control room.

So take the family on a Disney timeshare vacation, secure in the knowledge that Disney Security is all around you!
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