Travel to Disney this Halloween to Meet Your Favorite Villain

It will soon be Halloween time, and that means its Disney Villains time! You'll want to rent a Disney timeshare, an Orlando timeshare, or a California timeshare and join in the Halloween fun. Hear your own "screams" - of delight at meeting your favorite Disney Villain!

Who is your favorite Disney Villain? Have you ever really thought about it? Well, now is the time to do some soul-searching, and then Vote! Following are the campaign crusades from some of the most deliciously evil villains Disney ever produced, straight from Disney's Campaign Headquarters. Each one is "dying" to become your favorite:

Jafar – The all-powerful sorcerer from “Aladdin” is full of wicked magic tricks.

Maleficent – Self-proclaimed “Mistress of All Evil” she lures an innocent maiden to prick her finger on a spindle and fall into everlasting slumber, then transforms into a monstrous, fire-breathing dragon!

Ursula – This dreadful sea witch will sink to any depths to carry out her evil deeds! She torments undersea creatures, steals King Triton’s crown, and captures Princess Ariel’s beautiful voice. Could you “cast” your vote for someone this slippery?

Evil Queen – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most jealous of them all? When the Magic Mirror reveals that Snow White is alive and still the “fairest in the land,” the Queen transforms herself into a hag and convinces the innocent princess to take a bite of a poisoned apple.

Captain Hook – This elegant but vengeful villain anchored his ship and crew in the waters of Never Land, to seek revenge upon Peter Pan. Hook locks up Tinker Bell, sends a ticking package to Peter Pan, kidnaps the Lost Boys and forces Wendy to walk the plank, all the while repeatedly attacking Peter Pan and his crew with swords and schemes to exact lasting revenge.

Cruella De Vil – This devilish lady stops at nothing when it comes to satisfying her need for greed. She plots! She steals! She dognaps 101 Dalmatian puppies just to make the perfect fur coat. The only thing perfect about Cruella De Vil is her name. Like the song says, “If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.”

These villains will be battling each other for the title of the baddest villain of them all, now through October 28. Cast your vote at Then rent a timeshare for a great Disney Halloween Adventure to meet your favorite Disney Villain!

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