Rent a Timeshare in Cancun the Caribbean Jewel

The Caribbean will soon be emerging from this year's hurricane season, so now is the time to start planning a fun-in-the-sun timeshare rental vacation to azure seas and powdery-white sandy beaches. One place to head, on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, is Mexico's "Caribbean Jewel" - Cancun.

Cancun is on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, located on the Yucatan Channel (which is actually part of the world's second largest coral reef) that separates Mexico from Cuba and the Greater Antilles. While Cancun's city center is on the mainland, the Hotel Zone, where you'll find many terrific timeshare rentals available at luxury resorts, is an island shaped like a "7," with bridges on each end that connect to the mainland.

The "long," or vertical, side of the "7" faces open sea, and while the current is stronger there, you'll still find it a good place for surfing and snorkeling.
The "short," or horizontal, side of the 7 has calmer water that is perfect for swimming, sailing, and diving. The calm water is due to the sheltering effects of Isla Mujeres, a 5-mile long island about 7 miles off shore.

Isla Mujeres (Women Island) was so named by Spanish explorers because of the large numbers of clay goddess images found there. At that time the island was sacred to the Mayan goddess of childbirth, Ix Chel. Today the island is a popular day trip for tourists staying in Cancun.

Isla Mujeres is easily accessed by a 20-minute ferry ride that departs every 30 minutes during daylight hours from either Puerto Juarez or Puerto Cancun. Considered by many to be "the most idyllic spot in the Caribbean," the island is a world away from busy Cancun, with its peaceful, laid-back lifestyle.

Once on the island you can walk around, or you may choose to rent a golf cart or bicycle, and explore all that this beautiful Caribbean getaway has to offer - including the ruins of the Temple of the Goddess Ix Chel. The best beaches are on the northern most tip of the island and "the pristine sea that surrounds them is as calm as a giant swimming pool."

Parts of the corral reef, teeming with colorful tropical fish, are accessible by snorkeling and scuba diving just off the island's coast. For more experienced certified divers, the reefs of Punta Norte and Manchones to the south, as well as the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks, and the sites of two sunken ships, all offer wonderful undersea exploration.

While there is plenty to do in Cancun, you can see that a day trip to Isla Mujeres is well worth the time, and adds another wonderful dimension to your Cancun timeshare vacation.

(Photo is the Royal Caribbean timeshare)
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