4 Tips for World Travel

Many of you are seasoned travelers, and many more of you are travel dreamers, and most of you have probably at one time or another watched the Travel channel - which could be what propels you off that couch and into a timeshare rental in a great resort someplace fun, fanciful or exotic.

Odds are that you've also watched the Travel channel's Anthony Bourdain and his hit program "No Reservations." Regardless of the sometimes irreverent public persona of this executive chef turned globe trotter, Bourdain is, without a doubt, an authentic world traveler, and the miles of flying, hiking, and tramping he has accumulated makes him an authority on how to get the most out of a travel experience in a foreign country.

Timeshares are without a doubt a great way to be able to see many parts of the world - either through exchange, rental, or purchasing a resale. When you do enter this phase of your life, you're sure to find some of Tony's views on travel helpful:
  1. The purpose of travel is to have life changing experiences. Just seeing how other people live who come from very different backgrounds can make a great impact on you if you're open. "To be the recipient of random acts of kindness from strangers, to see how other people live, how hard their lives are - how different, and how similar," says Tony, "hopefully expands one’s horizons and level of tolerance."

  2. Improvising and getting lost is a good thing. When confronted with a disappointing situation, Tony suggests moving to Plan B even if there isn't a Plan B. "Some of the best times on your trip can come from winging it at the last minute," Tony explains. "…seeing something and saying let’s just go there and see what happens."

  3. Be open to the local cuisine. If you miss the street food experience, you’ve missed everything, claims Tony. "Street food (see photo) is the best of a country – and strangely, much safer for you than perhaps fancy dishes at a fancy restaurant." Tony also feels that the key to really getting the feel of a place is to hit the central food market early in the morning. Here you'll not only encounter the people, but you'll find many delicious foods to prepare in your timeshare kitchen.

  4. You'll enjoy any trip more if you give yourself good accommodations. Tony has slept on wet jungle floors and in "ludicrously dysfunctional hotels," so he should know. Allow yourself the luxury of space, clean sheets, hot showers, and any other number of luxuries, and your outlook on your trip will stay positive and healthy, no matter what you encounter. Sounds like a good recommendation for renting a timeshare, doesn't it?
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