Timeshare Travel: 5 Tips for Packing for Children

A timeshare rental vacation is the perfect way to travel with small children. While many people might say "Just don't" - in otherwords, it's much easier to just stay home until the little ones are a bit older - that's not necessary. With the great accommodations that are provided by timeshares, and some practical planning, you can have a wonderful vacation-bonding time with your youngsters.

The following tips for packing for children are based on suggestions offered by Becky Goddard-Hill, an author on parenting and childcare issues.
  1. Remember to stick to the necessities. With airlines charging an arm and a leg for extra luggage and extra weight, one of the best ways to keep your vacation within your budget is to not over pack. That may sound like an oxymoron when it seems that little ones require steamer trunk loads of stuff just for an overnight stay at Grandma's, but let the threat of extra fees will help you get creative.

  2. If you'll be flying, take a basic change of clothing for your child in your carry-on. You don't want to have to take an unscheduled - and expensive - shopping trip while you wait for your lost luggage to find you.

  3. Pack easy foods and snacks such as apples, raisins, dry cereal and granola bars. These are basically mess-free to eat, and won't cause a sugar rush, while at the same time they'll assuage hunger pangs. Small amounts in a variety will help deter meltdowns from picky eaters.
    If you're flying, take a couple of empty water bottles to fill from a water fountain once you've passed security. If you're driving, a cooler with water and juices will go a long way toward keeping kids content. Either way, don't let dehydration set in, and you'll have happier kids.

  4. If you have a wee one, you might want to pack a blow-up tub float for easier baths, suggests Becky. Also make sure you have plenty of wet-wipes for all kinds of quick clean-ups.

  5. Entertainment will be one of your major jobs. Packing little "goodie" bags and spacing them out will give you some good options. Dollar stores usually have a great selection of inexpensive toys. Your portable DVD player will allow for some much-needed quiet time. Becky suggest renting some DVDs from your local library - it's a good budget move, and you'll be able to provide DVDs that are a change of pace from all of the ones at home. Although, you'd be wise to also pack a couple of the well-worn favorites.
A timeshare rental and good planning will give you a vacation of golden moments with your small children that you will always treasure. Don't miss out.

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