Fed up With Airlines Extra Fees? Take a Driving Vacation

The airlines continue to astound air travelers. Many of you leave us comments bemoaning the current tactics of the airlines in piling extra fee on top of extra fee in attempts to recoup losses. As one of you commented to our article "Summer Airfare Wars Begin," "I am so fed up with the airlines that I am only taking vacations that I can drive to this year." And another of you pointed out, "We still support Southwest since they're trying to hang in there with no extra fees."

But the airlines continue to get bolder in their use of extra fees. Today comes the word that Ryanair is doubling its checked baggage fee. A Ryanair spokesperson tried to soften the blow by stating that this increased fee is for the peak travel summer months only. But airline travelers all know that once a fee is put in place it seldom disappears. Ryanair also claims that this increased fee will encourage flyers to carry on baggage only, but they are imposing a weight limit of 22 pounds.

Although this article "6 Tips for Packing Light on your Timeshare Vacation" will help you get on board with just a carry-on, that won't do you much good when other airlines follow Spirit Airways. This Miami-based carrier, which offers flights out of Boston's Logan Airport, has just announced that it will begin charging for carry-on baggage as well. Can you believe it? This fee will be up to $45. (They aren't, however, charging yet to bring your purse onboard with you.) It's just a matter of time before the other airline companies follow suit.

It is no wonder that you vacationers are becoming irritated with the airlines. So, maybe now is the time to actually think about taking vacations this year where you can drive. The wonderful thing is that our United States is crammed full of exciting and fun places to vacation. And the best news is that, except for just a handful, every state has timeshares for rent, resale or exchange.

There’s sure to be a timeshare in the state in which you live, or, if your state doesn't have timeshares available check out surrounding states. The odds are that you'll find a timeshare resort in easy driving distance of your home and a driving vacation will still provide all the rest and relaxation you need to de-stress and unwind from your busy lifestyle. And the money you’ll save by not having to pay airlines their extra fees can make you happier still!

(Photo of Cascade Lakes, OR, provided by byways.org)
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