Traveling with Kids this Summer? Visit the Zoo!

When you are planning your family's summer vacation and will be traveling with kids, remember - the Zoo's the thing. What better kid-friendly vacation activity is there than a zoo? Rent a timeshare and give yourself the gift of spending time in these amazing "theme parks." We'll tell you about three of the country's best kid-friendly zoos.

Rent a San Diego timeshare and head to the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Its remarkable Children's Zoo has 30 exhibits that range from nurseries for sick or weak baby animals, to a "Petting Paddock" where kids can touch goats and sheep and even miniature horses. "Zany Science Shows" are hosted by Dr. Zoolittle, and at "Bugtown: The Itty Bitty City" your kids can watch waterbugs, diving beetles and katydids in their own natural habitats.

Added fun for the kids in San Diego are interactive boards around the zoo with buttons they can push to hear various sounds the animals make when communicating. If they practice, your kids can be talking just like tigers by the time they're headed home!

There are many wonderful Phoenix timeshares available for rent in Arizona. And the Phoenix Zoo (see photo) is made to order for kids, and the entire family for that matter. For starters check out its Wilderness Experience Night Camp. Jeff Williamson, the zoo's executive director, explains that this is a great family activity. "We invite families to stay lakeside in a private tent, enjoy a grilled dinner with s'mores, learn about nocturnal animals, take a guided hike, and receive advice on how to navigate using the stars."

The Enchanted Forest is a magical exhibit created for kids 5 and younger, and the older kids will have fun exploring the "Forest of Uco," an exhibit designed to replicate a Colombian rainforest.

A New York City timeshare rental will set you up in good shape for a visit to the Bronx Zoo. One of the oldest zoos in the country, the Bronx Zoo was the first to teach students, and today has educational activities for kids from preschoolers to high school seniors. Its teaching materials have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, and African languages, and its curriculum is used in every state in the union and 15 foreign countries. "Our zoo is a living classroom," says Richard Lattis, general director. "Children are constant fountains of knowledge who are going to keep adults headed toward saving wildlife." The zoo's programs are divided into children's group visits, summer camps, and family outings.

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss - when you travel with kids, oh the places you'll go and the fun you'll have! And, there’s always fun at the zoo.
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