See China through Timeshare Exchange

Isn't the world a great place to visit? Many of us still find it absolutely amazing the world is becoming so easy to travel around. Take China, for instance. Who would have thought, just a couple of decades ago, that vacationing in China would actually become common place. There are so many great timeshare exchanges available in this interesting land that it's almost sacrilegious for any vacationer to pass up the chance to visit.

Ten years ago Beijing Capital International Airport didn't even appear on a list of the top 30 airports in the world. But now unbelievably the numbers Beijing posted for the first quarter of 2010 jumps this once obscure airport ahead of London's busy Heathrow. Beijing's airport benefited from a huge new terminal, which opened just before the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Terminal 3 was designed by famed architect Norman Foster and is reputed to be the world’s third-largest building.

All of this is good news for those of you who can see China in your next timeshare vacation plans. Check out exchanges available with a Huangshan City timeshare, centered in the Huangshan Mountains in China's southern Anhui province (see photo). This popular area is known for its spectacular scenery, sunsets, and peculiarly-shaped granite peaks. One of China's top tourist destinations, Huangshan, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Huangshan Mountains are easily recognized by most people as they are frequently depicted in Chinese tourist information and are often the subject of Chinese paintings and literature.

Or consider a vacation on China's Hainan Island with an exchange for a Haiku City timeshare on the island's northern shore. You'll enjoy exploring Old Haiku, a historic district of the oldest buildings on the island that are a beautiful mixture of Portuguese, French and Southeast Asian styles. This is an area where the streets were specific to a product, such as a street for silk, a street for fresh fish, a street for incense and candles, etc. Known as the "Coconut City," many of the Haiku's streets are lined with the feathery palms. Haiku City is also surrounded on three sides by the sea, enjoying a long coastline where beautiful beaches are plentiful.

If you are a timeshare rental vacationer, keep an eye out for China timeshare rentals that can become available, such as the one at Absolute Private Residence Club at Jinqiao in the heart of Beijing, and close to both The Forbidden City and Beijing's Temple of Heaven. What an exciting vacation to give your entire family!
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