Family Fun When You Travel to the Caribbean

You've been dreaming of a vacation in the Caribbean - beautiful sunsets, romantic walks along the beach - but you have a family and right now your vacation plans are focused on traveling with kids. Well, guess what? The Caribbean is full of family fun!

Rent a timeshare in kid-friendly Jamaica and discover fun from reggae music dancing to splashing in the crystal waters that surround this lush island. Your kids will delight in a ride with the Chukka Caribbean Adventures' Horseback Ride 'n Swim Tour, near Montego Bay. Led by a guide, the kids will ride through rainforests and end up on a beach with a ride through the surf! Taking kids ages 7 and up, the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours have downhill routes past waterfalls and with spectacular views of Jamaica's coastline.

We've mentioned in a couple of other articles about Jamaica's "Meet the People" program, and this is a perfect way to introduce your kids to the island's rich culture. Sign up and you'll be invited into the home of a volunteer family where you'll share a meal. Choose a family with kids the same age as yours, and life-long friendships could be in the making.

A timeshare rental vacation on the Caribbean's lush green island of St. Lucia offers the kids a chance to journey into a Tarzan-like jungle. Your teens will especially enjoy a jungle trek with the Jeep Safari adventures. Take the kids to the Fond Latisab Creaole Park where there are hands-on activities just for kids to teach them about the exciting St. Lucian culture. And don't miss Mount Soufriere. Billed as the world's only "drive in" volcano, you can actually drive the kids up to the rim, and even walk among its bubbling sulphur pools.

You won't need to get passports for your family members when you vacation in a Puerto Rican timeshare rental. As a commonwealth of the U.S., Puerto Rico also uses American currency, and most of its citizens speak English. The family-oriented culture of Puerto Rico ensures that there will be lots of kid-friendly things to do. For example, follow the locals to family-fun Luquillo Beach, that has reef-protected water perfect for even the little tykes.

For some great exploring, take the kids hiking through part of the El Yunque rainforest (see photo) where they'll see such wonders as endangered green parrots and pretty little tree frogs. More great exploring can be found underground when you take the kids on a guided tour through the Rio Camuy Caves. And what kid wouldn't love exploring the tunnels and turrets of the six-level 16th century El Morro fortress?

When you travel with kids you'll discover what a kid-friendly vacation destination the Caribbean can be! See all Caribbean timeshares.
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