Travel Tip: Meet the People

PhotobucketWhy do you take a vacation? Have you ever really thought about it? Of course one reason is relaxation. A chance to unwind, to get away from the daily grind. But if that were the only reason, why travel? You could just chill out in your own backyard, at least if you unplugged your computer, hid your laptop in your neighbor's garage, and buried your cell phone out by the dahlias.

Of course we travel for a lot of reasons: To experience new sights and smells and sounds; to breathe exotic air. And probably one of the most popular reasons is to meet new people. This is especially true if you like to vacation in foreign destinations, either by purchasing a timeshare in a foreign country, or by the wonderful advantage of timeshare exchange.

A "Meet the People" movement is beginning to take hold around the globe. Some places, such as Hawaii and Jamaica, already have programs in place which allow visitors to spend a day with a local family. Other countries such as those in the European Union, and even Egypt, Thailand, Mexico and South Africa are looking at putting such programs into place.

Findings just released by a German study show that a good percentage of those questioned stated they "would make use of personal meetings with local persons, with the express aim of gaining a better insight into the country and people through personal contact." Two thirds of those questioned would prefer to be accompanied, either by a tour guide or other guests when meeting local inhabitants, while a final third would prefer individual face-to-face meetings.

"The opportunity for the experience of local people while off the tourist trail would be valued by many," the German study concluded. "To those interested in an opportunity to gain a better understanding of everyday life in the destination country and of its people, culture, living conditions and problems, the opportunity cannot be rated highly enough."

By vacationing in a timeshare you have time to integrate into a community, to explore streets off the beaten path, and even prepare meals in your timeshare kitchen from fresh fish and delicious vegetables and fresh baked bead bought from the local people. You never know what friendships you can strike up over a fresh red snapper.
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