Plan Your Next Vacation Around Gourmet Food!

Forget burgers and fries. This is a special timeshare vacation you're planning. Need some ideas for a destination? How about planning your vacation around gourmet food? We have a list of the top "Gourmet Cities" in the world - find a timeshare rental or a timeshare exchange in these cities, and become a gourmet Foodie!
  1. Paris, France
    The Parisian passion for food makes French cuisine one of the best in the world. Stay in a Paris timeshare and discover traditional French dishes from regions around the country as they all converge in Paris. French gourmet food can range from elegant Haute Cuisine to the simplicity of Cuisine Nouvelle. The food in Paris has evolved from the Middle Ages and heavily features cream, wine and cheeses.

  2. New York City, NY
    With its undeniable ability to attract immigrants from around the world, NYC can offer food from many different cultures. The city itself has also created its own signature dishes, including Manhattan clam chowder, New York cheesecake, and the elegant Waldorf salad. Stay in a NYC timeshare and check out such special eating establishments as The Carnegie Deli, Lombardi’s (the first pizzeria in America), and the fine dining of Le Cirque. See New York City timeshares.

  3. London, England
    A timeshare vacation in this multicultural metropolis will give you the opportunity to try food from countries such as India and Pakistan, as well as traditional British fare like fish and chips, and bangers and mash. Enjoy gourmet dining at The Ivy, Notting Grill, and Marcus Wareing at the Savoy. See England timeshares.

  4. Napa Valley, California
    A timeshare vacation in California's spectacular Wine Country can be a gourmand's delight. Here you'll experience first hand how great food follows great wine. Napa cuisine is influenced by the Italians who first established the vineyards, and thus has a Tuscan flare. Due to the popular use of local fresh ingredients, Napa menus change with the seasons. See California timeshares.

  5. Bangkok, Thailand
    A timeshare exchange vacation in this exotic Asian city will give you many exciting experiences, not the least of which will be sampling gourmet dishes. Try Chu Chi Pla (a spicy papaya salad) and Som Tam Thai (deep-fried chicken wings flavored with aromatic spices). Some of the best restaurants in the Thai capital are Lemongrass, Sala Rin Naam at The Oriental Bangkok, and Maha Naga. See Thailand timeshares.

  6. Honolulu, HI
    There are all types of Hawaii timeshare rentals available and the incredible food is one of the reasons to vacation in the Islands. Hawaiian Cuisine is made up of a combination of Asian and many different Pacific island cultures all creating the remarkable Polynesian food experience. One of the ways to take in these gourmet delights is to take a Honolulu restaurant tour by Hawaii Food Tours, created by executive chef and food critic Mathew Gray.
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