Keep Your Kids Learning this Summer with a Science Vacation

Kids love learning - really they do. And you can continue their learning when school is out and you're on your summer family vacation, by planning the vacation around places where kids can get elbow-deep in great science. When you travel with kids, you might even learn something, too!

It's easy to find a New York City timeshare rental that is budget-friendly. Then head to the New York Hall of Science. Chocked full of kid-friendly activities, your youngsters will love seeing their shadow frozen on a wall, and have fun making their very own kaleidoscope. It all starts by the Magic School Bus. Outside is a huge "science playground" that is open from April through December. Here your excited kids can run all over, finding the obstacle climbs and the mirror paths and the whisper dishes. They can even power a windmill by playing on the swings. And all of the kids will enjoy making their own cheese in a test tube!

When you rent a timeshare in Boston, not only will you have this historic town to explore, but you'll want to take the kids to the Museum of Science. A special program in Discovery Center (see photo) is for kids 8 and younger and offers tot-sized science tools to use, a "geology field station," and they even get to make Slime! All of the kids will enjoy the wonderful butterfly garden, and who wouldn't love a dinosaur dig? They'll see a hatchery where the various stages of chicks, from embryo to pecking out of the shell, are showcased, and a terrific planetarium show geared just for kids will show them starry night skies. A must-see is the Lightening Show, which gets rave reviews even from the staffs of other science centers!

Considered the number one science center for kids in the country is the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California. A timeshare rental here will not only give your kids the chance to ride cable cars and walk along the Golden Gate Bridge, but also to absolutely immerse themselves in over 450 interactive exhibits at the Exploratorium, in a space the size of two football fields. It's a good thing you'll have a timeshare for a week because you're kids will want to keep going back to this amazing place. They'll learn how to make soap bubbles big enough to encase their parents, and have great fun with the "antigravity" mirror that makes them appear to fly. Youngsters 7 and under get to try out the Tactile Dome - in total darkness the kids have to use their hands to "see." At this fun place, even you adults will find exhibits that will make you scratch your head and say, "Huh?" See all San Francisco timeshares.
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