What Inspires You to Travel?

What inspires you to travel? If you're going someplace you've never been before perhaps you've heard just enough about the place to wet your appetite, or maybe the place was described to you in such magnificent detail that you simply must experience it yourself.

Renting a timeshare, purchasing a timeshare resale, and engaging in timeshare exchange are all easy, wonderful, and most advantageous was of traveling almost anywhere in the world. We know that. But the world is a mighty big place - how do you decide where in the world to go?

As Laura Townsend Elion, contributor to "Consumer Traveler," suggests, the idea could come from movies we see. Ms. Elion maintains, however, that one of the most influential contributions to our travel itch is literature. And it can start with the books we read as children. Books that vividly transported us to experience the heavy fragrance of lemon blossoms on the Mediterranean island of Crete (Mary Stewart's "The Moonspinners") or to feel the exotic dampness of Paris by walking under chestnut trees dripping with rain (the "Madeline" series). How about a timeshare vacation to Virginia to smell the same salt air and watch the wild ponies race as you did when you read Marguerite Henry's immortal story "Misty of Chincoteague."

With more and more timeshare exchanges opening up in China, one of Ms. Elion's favorite novels, "“Spring Moon,” by Betty Bao Lord, might just be what sends you to that fascinating country. This book, she says, is about two Chinas - the one of the past and the one we see emerging now. Besides its stunning descriptions of geography, Ms. Elion states that the book "helped me understand the nuances of pre-Mao culture, one that is just as beautiful, hierarchal, complex, and often times self-destructive as that in monarchial Europe."

Even Robert Louis Stevenson's timeless "Treasure Island" can spark the idea of a vacation to Pacific islands, as can the vivid descriptions by James Michener in his two novels "Hawaii," and "Tales of the South Pacific." There are a multitude of Hawaii timeshare rentals available, as well as exchanges in Tahiti, Fiji and even New Zealand, all destinations where you and your family can get a taste of the exotic south seas for yourselves.

Do you remember how you wanted to travel to Australia and experience Christmas with roses blooming on a hot summer's day after reading Colleen McCullough's "The Thorn Birds"? Think about the books you've read or heard about that intrigued you so much that a nibbling little thought of "maybe…just maybe" started to grow - then check out the many timeshares available the world over. Your dream vacation is waiting for you.
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