Summer Airfare Wars Begin

PhotobucketThis past week AirTran fired the first volley in the summer airfares war, offering a two-day sale of cheap seats and a large travel window. U.S. Airways, United, Delta and American quickly followed suit.

As the beleaguered airlines industry continues to attempt to recoup lost revenues and increase profitability, it is still forced to come to terms with the current recession and rough economic times. While airlines typically see the summer vacation season as a way of making enough money to last through the winter, with fewer passengers this becomes more difficult.

For those of you planning to vacation at your timeshare, this means that by being watchful and prudent you can still find bargain airfares. As a timeshare owner or renter you know well in advance on what dates you will need to fly. This gives you a great advantage over other vacationers. When airfare skirmishes develop, which they will continue to do, the odds are that you'll find cheap airfares on your dates that you can purchase even though the sale has a limited duration.

"We're trying to really entice people to book travel," AirTran spokesman Christopher White said. Other carriers were forced to match on routes where they compete with AirTran or risk losing many passengers to AirTran's sale fares. And as the struggling airline industry competes for every last passenger, when one airline posts a sale, other carriers quickly follow. "The unofficial motto is: Match (the fare) or die," White stated.

While you plan your timeshare vacation this year, do your research and sign up for fare notifications from companies that specialize in keeping track of constant changing airfares and the quick sale. If you catch one of these sales it can pack a powerful punch for your timeshare vacation budget.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am so fed up with the airlines that I am only taking vacations that I can drive to this year.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We still support Southwest since they're trying to hang in there with no extra fees.

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