Enjoy Fresh Fish on Your Hawaii Timeshare Vacation

One of the best things about vacationing in Hawaii is sampling the unique Polynesian food. When you stay at a timeshare rental, you have your own kitchen in which you can have fun reproducing dishes that you had in restaurants and even concocting your own special versions of Hawaiian fare. Fresh fish is an island specialty, and something that many Americans sadly do not have a chance to enjoy often enough. So, while vacationing at your Oahu timeshare, here's your chance take advantage of some very special opportunities to experience the local fish industry and sample its succulent ocean catch.

For you early birds, here is a unique experience that you'll be glad you took - meet at 5:30am at the United Fishing Agency at Pier 28 for the Honolulu Fish Auction. Every morning, Monday through Saturday, chefs, restaurateurs, and wholesalers meet here to bid on the day's fresh catch. You'll be in the middle of the excitement as fish and seafood are bought and sold at a feverish pace. If you plan to go, covered shoes are required, and a jacket is recommended as the auction floor is kept at a chilly 50 degrees F.

Sample the end result of all of this early morning fish business by visiting local fish eateries. Nico's Fish Market is located right on Pier 28. The fish is taken directly from the auction and immediately prepared for the public. You can't get much fresher than their Catch of the Day specials. With your gourmet-style lunch you can also relax to live entertainment ranging from the blues to contemporary Hawaiian music.

Or head to Uncle's Fish Market where you'll find something for every member of your family. The menu here ranges from delectable fish and chips to more adventurous items such as the award-winning "Uncle's Signature Ahi Poke Tower" - an incredible combo of sashimi-grade ahi tuna, ahi tarter, rice, guacamole, and tobiko, and all served with tortilla chips.

For truly casual fare keep an eye out for the Kahuku Shrimp Trucks as you travel around Oahu. Parked along the sides of the roads, these great highway stops offer delicious varieties of prepared shrimps and prawns, including butter-garlic, coconut, sweet and spicy, and fried. You'll encounter many locals who also flock to these unique seafood eateries.

Watch for Romey's Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp, a shrimp truck with a twist - you get your own pole and the experience of getting your own prawn catch-of-the-day. They'll cook them up for you, or you can take the prawns back to your timeshare and prepare your own memorable fresh Hawaiian dish.

(Photo credit Craig T. Kojima - Star Bulletin)
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