Invest in Your Vacation

Article written by guest blogger: Jeff Nelson, a real estate agent who owns and writes about investment property.

Vacations are a holiday from the dull routine of life, and are something everyone deserves and looks forward to at least once a year. With varying costs for various locales, financing the vacation might be a problem, but what can be done about it? With an initial up front investment, you can apply your money towards a guaranteed vacation at the same, or a different destination every year. Plus, when hotel costs are rising every year, your pre-paid vacation does not. This is the idea behind timeshares.

Timeshare investment is worth looking into now more than ever, considering the trend that a timeshare vacation can be used for more than just the same trip to Orlando, FL each year when you utilize timeshare exchange. Some people cringe at the word “timeshare” having heard the cases where people are subject to negative sales techniques causing them to buy bad investments. Think of these situations as exceptions rather than the norm and if you choose to buy a timeshare resale, you will avoid sales people all together.

But, if you do decide to attend a timeshare presentation, keep in mind that the average one can take 90 plus minutes or even longer. Try to avoid a presentation for the purpose of the "free gift," which is where you are generally subjected to extremely high pressure selling techniques to buy the timeshare right then and there.

The presentation will most likely cover extensive details about the resort property, its facilities and the amenities included. You will learn about the size of the units, which can determine the maximum number of people that can stay. They will tell you what weeks are available for purchase including the check-in and check-out dates. In addition to the initial payment for the property, timeshare owners are obliged to pay annual maintenance fees. Be sure to learn about those fees during the presentation.

Often when people hear about timeshares or vacation investments, Orlando springs to mind, and with all the golf courses, family amusement parks, fantastic eateries and restaurants, it’s no wonder! With its warm, sunny and desirable climate it’s a great place to buy Orlando investment property, whether timeshare or a vacation home.

As you think about investing in your vacation, it all comes down what works the best for your vacation lifestyle. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap getaway, try timeshare rental. If you like the idea of locking in costs at your favorite resort, buy a timeshare resale. If you want a return on investment, consider a vacation home. No matter which option you choose, just be sure to enjoy one week a year away from the norm and invest in yourself.
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