You Don’t Need a Passport for a Great Spring Break Vacation

PhotobucketPlanning your Spring Break vacation? Don't have a passport? Don't worry! While a passport book or a passport card is now required when you cross both of our southern and our northern boarders, or fly into the Caribbean, there are still many great Spring Break destinations that don't require any kind of travel documents at all. And you'll find plenty of your fellow students taking advantage of the same idea - so you'll have lots of compatriots to join you in keeping those parties going.

Still dreaming about a Caribbean vacation? We have good news. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, you don't need a passport to travel there. Rent a Puerto Rico timeshare at a luxury resort and discover a truly amazing Spring Break destination. Complete with everything from fantastic snorkeling to rock climbing and even caves to explore, Puerto Rico has it all. For those of you on your school's golf team you'll be glad to know that Puerto Rico is called the "Golf Capital of the World." And you're probably already aware that Puerto Rico is known for its wild nightlife.

Another U.S. territory in the Caribbean is the U.S. Virgin Islands, again meaning you don't need a passport. Incredible sugary white sand beaches are yours for sunbathing and swimming when you rent a timeshare at a luxury resort here. St. John timeshares, St. Croix timeshares and St. Thomas timeshares will all provide you with a legendary Caribbean island vacation.

White sand beaches that are so dazzling they can hurt your eyes are available up and down the coast of Florida, complete with swaying coconut palms and lots of sunshine and fun. Rent a budget timeshare and enjoy a luxury Spring Break vacation on Florida's Paradise Coast at Naples.

Panama City says it has "The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World, " and is known as one of Florida's two best Spring Break party destinations. The other is Fort Lauderdale. Both destinations offer beaches for sunbathing, water sports (have you tried "kiteboarding" yet?), and great nightlife for non-stop partying. See all Florida timeshares.

Remember that by getting a bunch of your friends together you can split the cost of renting a timeshare and stay at a true luxury resort, on the cheap. Surf through the many listings and get an idea of how affordable an over-the-top Spring Break vacation can be. It's the deal of a lifetime!
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    Puerto Rico is called the "Golf Capital of the World?????? I'll pass on St Thomas, what a big disappointment it was? We found it to be in such disrepair. Get a passport!!!

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