Rent a Williamsburg Timeshare and Celebrate Autumn

The sweet smell of apple wood smoke drifting lazily into the crisp fall air. The sweet taste of hot mulled apple cider. The sweet bite of a fresh-baked apple pie. Are you ready to celebrate autumn? There are many places where you can rent a timeshare and indulge in the sweetness of fall, and one of the most family-friendly, fun and unique places is Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

All of these scents and tastes can be found in Williamsburg as the rich colors of fall foliage line the historic streets, where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson themselves strolled through the autumn air under some of these very trees. And where piles of dry autumn leaves just begging for a kid to take a flying, whooping leap accumulate on the lawn of the Governor's Mansion.

This celebrated town, so pivotal to the history of America during the heady pre-Revolutionary War days, has been completely restored and is open to the public 365 days a year. George Washington actually did sleep here - in the Raleigh Tavern. Take a tour, see the guest rooms, and eat an authentic Colonial dinner in the same room where the Father of our Country dined. Or walk along the road where Thomas Jefferson trudged back and forth while attending William and Mary College and staying in the grand house of his friend and mentor, George Wye.

If you visit during the fall, your experience is heightened by the rich smells of this season - from pungent autumn leaves to simmering stew to sweet wood smoke. Savor all of these while riding in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage along a cobblestone street, or in a rustic team-pulled wagon down a rutted dirt road. As you meet a milkmaid bringing in the cows, a farmer's son with a yoke of oxen, or even flashy British regulars marching past in their distinctive red coats, it's easy to imagine yourself as a colonialist yourself, living in the vibrant capital city of the Virginia Colony of England.

All the while, costumed historic interpreters are eager to tell you what 18th century life was like in Williamsburg. How tallow candles are made, and why the fashion started by a balding French king now keeps wig makers busy. Hear the ring of the blacksmith's hammer striking the anvil amid flying sparks and watch as a hot shoe is put to a horse's hoof.

There is a host of activities designed just for the youngsters through the Kids Club, including marching with the Fifes and Drums band, and joining the colonial militia. To make things even more fun for the kids authentic children's costumes are available for rent.

For a great autumn vacation for the entire family, nothing beats renting a Williamsburg timeshare and taking a wonderful leap back in time.

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