5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Planning your Vacation

Vacations are precious things these days. If you're like so many other Americans, you might feel like you shouldn't even take a vacation. So, when you do take the time, and the money, for a real vacation, you want it to go well. Avoid these 5 common mistakes and you might find yourself enjoying a dream vacation of a lifetime.
  • Mistake #1 - Paying the cost of a Hotel
    Hotels are expensive. And these days hotels are jumping on the "extra fee" bandwagon started by the airlines (and many of the extra fees are hidden - see our previous post “Hotels Charging Extra Fees”), so, often your final bill is much higher than you planned on.

    Solution: A timeshare rental often offers up to 50% savings over hotel rooms. You'll find it also cheaper on a per person cost, since most hotels require you to pay for more rooms to accommodate more people.

  • Mistake #2 - Eating Out for all of your Meals
    Restaurants are expensive. And fast food is not only getting more expensive, it can get tiring. How thrilling is it to spend your vacation eating cold pizza while perched on the edge of a hotel bed?

    Solution: Rent a timeshare that comes with a fully equipped kitchen.

  • Mistake #3 - Settling for a Cramped Hotel Room
    Solution: Timeshare rentals offer space in which to spread out and relax. You'll have separate bedrooms, a living area, a dining area, a full-sized kitchen, and a balcony or lanai.

  • Mistake #4 - Staying at Accommodations with no Amenities
    Many hotels have no amenities at all, and if a hotel does offer anything it's usually one small, crowded pool, for which you may even be charged an extra fee. Bed and Breakfasts and vacation homes also generally leave you high and dry.

    Solution: Timeshare rentals are attached to luxury resorts, and most of the resort's amenities will be included in your one-time rental fee. These amenities will almost always include multiple swimming pools (often with waterpark features), hot tubs, kiddie pools, children's playgrounds, and tennis courts. Other offerings might be dance classes, arts and crafts, arcade game rooms, volleyball, miniature golf, and the list goes on.

  • Mistake #5 - Returning to the Same Location
    It's easy to fall into the trap of vacationing at the same destination every year, especially if you are on a budget and feel like you should go somewhere you already know you can afford.

    Solution: Check out the many listings for budget-friendly timeshare exchanges available not only across the country, but in Mexico, the Caribbean, and around the world. When you choose to vacation with a timeshare rental, your destination options are wide open.
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