Walking Tours – Part 3: San Diego

In Part 3 of our 6-part series on the wonderful world of walking tours, we'll look at the great ways to explore San Diego. A timeshare rental in the San Diego area not only gives you a perfect vacation destination year-round, but also the opportunity to really investigate some of this city's best-kept secrets.

San Diego is made up of many quaint neighborhoods, and walking tours are a fun way to get to know them on a personal basis. Urban Safaris offers walking tours to just about every San Diego neighborhood you're likely to want to encounter.
  1. Point Loma
    You might as well begin at the beginning. Point Loma (see photo) is where it all started for San Diego when the Portuguese explorer, Cabrillo, came ashore in 1542. The first real residents on this long finger of land were Chinese and Portuguese fishermen. Today Point Loma will show you everything from Navy installations to yacht clubs. From here you also get incredible views of downtown San Diego, and the Harbor.

  2. Gaslamp Quarter
    Registered as a national historic district, the Gaslamp Quarter is where you'll encounter San Diego of the 1860s. During that raucous time prostitutes and gamblers abounded. Did you know that Wyatt Earp even ran gambling parlors here? On this walking tour you'll relive a part of San Diego's past that you might find hard to believe.

  3. Banker's Hill and Balboa Park
    This walking tour gives you the opportunity to see some of the gracious homes that were built beginning in the 1890s, above the canyons west of Balboa Park. The pedestrian suspension bridges that were constructed during that time allow you to see this neighborhood from high above the canyons. This tour also gets you up close to gardens designed by Kate Sessions, and you get to actually go inside one of the magnificent homes. You'll also explore a part of beautiful Balboa Park.

  4. The Urban Art Trail
    San Diego's East Village neighborhood is an artsy community with an urban flare. On this walking tour you'll discover how an old warehouse district has transformed itself, and is now modern with the San Diego Padres ballpark, and timeless as an art colony with an eclectic mix of warehouse lofts and Victorian architecture.

  5. Hillcrest
    San Diego's first suburb, this neighborhood retains a small village feel, but is also a thriving community of eclectic theater, restaurants and shops. What you won't find here is strip malls. This is also an area showcasing some of the finest examples of Irving Gill's early 20th century minimalist architecture.
These are just a few of the many fascinating neighborhoods San Diego has to offer. Rent a San Diego timeshare and take a walking tour - and become friends with a fascinating city.

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