Explore Orlando's Many Themes - Part 1: Flying

Orlando is the Theme Park capital of the world, no doubt about it. But Orlando is a lot more, too. Rent a timeshare in Orlando, and explore Orlando's "other themes." This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on the many fun themes of Orlando. Here we'll explore the theme of "Flying."

Certainly there is flying with Pixie Dust at WDW, and flying with Harry Potter's wizard broom at Universal, but for real family flying fun, Orlando has a lot more from which to choose.

Let's start with skydiving. Think that's not something the entire family would be up for? Think again! At Orlando's Sky Venture you skydive indoors, in a wind tunnel, where just about everyone can fly.

This is just like real skydiving but without having to jump out of a plane. It's so realistic, in fact, that professional skydivers actually practice their moves in the wind tunnel. It's safe enough for 3 year-olds, and thrilling enough for adults.

Sky Venture isn't a ride or a simulator - you actually fly. It's just like free-falling, and instructors teach you how to control your movements by adjusting your positions. Learning how to master turns and other maneuvers gives you a different experience each time you fly.

If you'd like to go up in an airplane, head to Biplane Rides over Kissimmee. You'll experience the freedom of flying in an open cockpit as you wear goggles and feel the wind in your hair. You'll soar above the clouds in a vintage Stearman biplane, and get a bird's eye view of Orlando.

Or take the controls of a WWII fighter at Warbird Adventures, also in Kissimmee (see photo). This is a hands-on experience. You're in the front seat with an experienced flight instructor in the back seat. Once airborne, with his coaching you'll be doing the flying - even some aerobatics if that's what you want. No prior flying experience is necessary.

And who hasn't dreamed of a hot air balloon ride? There are several companies in the Orlando area that can help make that dream come true. Most of the hot air balloon rides take place in the early morning hours when the air is calm and quiet, and afterwards you can look forward to a traditional Champaign toast. You'll enjoy spectacular views as you gently float over Walt Disney World and the other theme parks. You might even have the thrill of finding yourself surrounded by other hot air balloons as you all rise above the earth together.

An Orlando timeshare rental family vacation offers many themes and the fun of flying is just one of them.

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