Travel to the Most Haunted Cities in America – Part 3 Miami

In Part 3 of our 4-part series on where you can rent a timeshare and visit the most haunted cities in America during Halloween month, we'll head once again to a beautiful seaside destination. Who would think that the soft sands and warm waters of the Miami Beach area would also have a Haunted side? Rent a Miami Beach timeshare and check these places out!

The area's most famous haunted hotel is the elegant Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables (see photo), originally built as a luxury hotel for the rich and famous. However, during WWII its marble floors were covered with government-issue linoleum, the windows were covered over with concrete, and the hotel was turned into a hospital. After the war it was used by the University of Miami School of Medicine for cadaver studies.

Even though the building was restored to an elegant hotel in the 1980s, there are numerous ghostly sightings of the tortured dead from this period - the 13th floor seems to be particularly active. Also a woman in white is often seen running down the beach or out on the golf course, believed to be a young woman who jumped to her death from the hotel's tower. You can hear these and many other ghost stories told every Thursday evening in the Biltmore lobby.

The Villa Paula Mansion in Miami is active with several spirits. The ghost of Paula, who died there as a young woman, has been seen playing the piano, wandering through the rose garden, and slamming doors. The apparitions of a tall thin man, and of a heavy-set lady in a red dress have also been seen, as well as a maid weeping as she looks for the grave of her illegitimate baby.

The mysterious archeological site known as the Miami Circle, on a coastal spit of land near downtown Miami, is certainly a departure from normal haunted places. Thought to be remnants of an ancient Tequesta Indian village, on dark nights ghostly forms have been seen flitting about the area, along with strange music, mumblings and wailing.

And leave it to South Beach to be on the whacky side of hauntings - besides haunted hotels, here you'll also find haunted night clubs and haunted bars.
As you plan your Halloween timeshare rental vacation, keep Haunted Miami in mind as a very spooky destination.

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