Explore Orlando’s Many Themes - Part 2: Animals

We all know that Orlando is famous as the Theme Park capital of the world with its huge theme parks of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. But Orlando also has many other "themes" to be explored from your timeshare rental. Part 2 of our 3-part series on Orlando's "other themes" will look at the theme of "wet and wild - animals!"

All of the following venues do have theme-park related thrill rides, certainly, but each one also offers the unique opportunity to get up close and personal to some of the amazing animals that share our world.

SeaWorld is famous for its Orcas, or Killer Whales. The Shamu Show showcases these beautiful, graceful and powerful creatures. Currently SeaWorld Orlando has six Orcas, including a calf just born on October 9th, 2010.

Other fun animals you can see at SeaWorld are sea lions, seals, beluga whales, pacific walruses, polar bears, and of course dolphins. Currently at SeaWorld Orlando there are 17 adult dolphins, and 11 calves make up the Dolphin Nursery.

Even though Busch Gardens in nearby Tampa Bay is thought of as a thrill ride park, it really is a zoo and botanical garden. Among the spectacular garden displays winds a wonderful menagerie of African animals. Jungala offers great up-close experiences of both orangutan and tiger exhibits. The Edge of Africa exhibit is where you'll be able to see such animals as lions, rhinos, giraffes and even families of cute meerkats.

A special treat at Busch Gardens is the Serengeti Safari Tours *(see photo) which takes you and your family aboard open trucks across the 65-acre Serengeti Plain, for thrilling up-close encounters with the African animals in their natural habitat.

Although Aquatica is a waterpark, the rides incorporate a viewing of an intriguing assortment of animals. Aquatica is home to the only Commerson's Dolphins in the southeast U.S. These small dolphins, measuring only 5 ft in length and weighing only 100 pounds, are agile and playful swimmers.

African Cichlids are fancifully-colored freshwater fish. An extremely diverse type of fish, more than 500 species are known, and scientists find new species every year.
Other amazing animals include Aquatica's "roving ambassadors." These fun animals include a giant anteater, a pink spoonbill, a laughing kookaburra, and a sulcata tortoise, one of the largest species of tortoise in the world.

After you've done Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter, it's refreshing to use your Orlando timeshare rental to get out and get close to nature at these wonderful animal attractions - another great Orlando "theme."

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