Walking Tours - Part 1: New York City

When you rent timeshares for your vacations, you are giving yourself the treat of a home-away-from-home. From your time share rental you also have the opportunity to get to know your "neighborhood," and you have the time to do it. Walking tours are a great way to explore a city. We're starting a new series where we'll look at walking tours that are available in six different cities where you can plan a timeshare vacation. First up - the Big Apple, New York City.
  1. New York Discovery Walking Tours is a great tour company for first-timers. Every member of your family will find a tour to their liking among the 75 different itineraries that are offered. Choices include locations such as Central Park, Greenwich Village (see photo), and the TriBeca neighborhood, the first residential area to be developed in NYC during colonial times; or themes like "John Lennon and the Beatles New York"; or tasting tours to neighborhoods such as Little Italy and Chinatown.

  2. New York Vacation Packages offers a unique walking tour (open to anyone) to Ground Zero. This informative tour is offered with reverence, and gives you the opportunity to stand on the original floor of the World Trade Center, and to view the FDNY 9/11 Memorial Wall bronze sculpture on the side of Ten House Fire Station.

  3. Joyce Gold History Tours of New York is owned and operated by Joyce Gold, a history professor at NYU, and a 30-year veteran of guiding walking tours. Her entertaining look how the city's past colors its present helps you discover such varied places as Grand Central Station, Battery Park, and the Meat Packing District.

  4. Big Onion Walking Tours give a quirky, irreverent look at the Big Apple. This is a chance to laugh while being educated as you take tours to the Brooklyn Bridge, East Village, and Chelsea, or choose the Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour, or the Official Gangs of New York Tour (endorsed by Martin Scorsese).

  5. Free tours abound, including the 8th Street Walking Tour where you'll see Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady recording studio; Orchard Street Walking Tour that takes you through the Lower East Side (you might want to take this tour on International Pickle Day); or get a behind-the-scenes look at world finances on the Federal Reserve Bank Tour.
Rent a New York City timeshare at any one of a number of great resorts available, including the Manhattan Club and The Crowne Plaza Times Square, and spend some time immersing yourself in this magnificent city by joining one of its entertaining and educational walking tours.

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