Walking Tours - Part 5: New Orleans

Many adjectives are used to describe New Orleans, from magical to mysterious. There's no doubt that this grand lady of dark bayous, filigreed garden courtyards, and voodoo is one city where a walking tour is a must if you want to really know her. Rent a timeshare and choose from the New Orleans walking tours listed in Part 5 of our 6-Part series on walking tours and timeshare vacations.
  1. Le Monde Creole Tours. There are many different tours of the French Quarter (see photo), but this one has a twist. It's based on the diaries kept by Laura Locoul a Creole woman and plantation mistress who wrote a journal of her family's life in the old French Quarter. Amid the tangled beauty of inner courtyards you'll learn about the remarkable lives of five generations of this Louisiana dynasty, including its European and African branches.

    On this French Quarter tour, which National Geographic Traveler called the best tour in New Orleans, you'll see where Locoul family members lived, from grand townhouses to slave quarters, learn about medicinal courtyard gardens, and even visit Laura Locoul's tomb.

  2. New Orleans Music Tour. On this walking tour you'll get to explore "the world’s richest musical city," starting with the Legends Park statues of Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain, and Fats Domino. Along the way you'll visit Congo Square, considered the "well spring" of New Orleans music. This historic site of African slave gatherings is the only place in North America where pure West African religious ritual and musical traditions were performed that wove themselves into iconic New Orleans jazz. Your tour guide is happy to give you advice on where to catch the greatest musical talent in New Orleans.

  3. New Orleans Oyster Crawl. Among the many culinary tours available in New Orleans, this walking tour is one of the most popular, offered through New Orleans Culinary History Tours.You'll visit historic restaurants including Antoine's, where the world-famous dish, Oysters Rockefeller, was created. Samplings at other restaurants include Oysters Bienville, Oysters Thermidor, oysters on the half shell, and of course oyster po'boy and barbecued oysters.

  4. Ghosts, Haunts, Voodoo Tour. No list of walking tours of New Orleans would be complete without a ghost tour. One of the best is offered by Magic Tours, who put it this way, "Since its founding, New Orleans has suffered more disease, disasters, destruction, and death than any other American city. Spirits are taken for granted here!" Priding itself on presenting accurate historical information, Magic Tours gives an in-depth look at some of the most well-known hauntings in New Orleans, including St. Louis Cemetery, "home" of New Orleans' most famous Voodoo Queen.

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