Travel to the Most Haunted Cities in America – Part 1 New Orleans

October is Halloween month, and that means it's time to get goosebumps and shivers, and give out a shriek or two. And what better way to get really scared than to explore real haunts. Our 4-part series on renting a timeshare and visiting the most haunted cities in America begins - where else? - in New Orleans.

With legends of voodoo curses, bizarre murders, and stories of Revolutionary War pirates, all wrapped in the ghoulish drape of Spanish moss hanging off gnarled old trees, New Orleans is the perfect haunted city.

The charm of this gracious southern lady is undeniable, and in between your encounters with ghosts you'll find plenty to do including rides on vintage street cars, sampling Creole cuisine, and dancing through the night to the jumping music of Bourbon Street.

But, meeting up with ghosts is what you're about on your October vacation, and our suggestion is to join Haunted New Orleans Tours. You'll have a guide that will take you to some of the most haunted places in the city - no guarantees of getting you back out, though. It's said that in Haunted New Orleans, the supernatural becomes the normal, and so strong is the hold of this city that even the dead have a hard time leaving it behind.

New Orleans is full of haunted houses, graveyards and battlefields. On your haunted tour you'll visit Congo Square, where the ghosts of one-time slaves beat the African drum to frenzy. Inside St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is where you could encounter the ghost of Marie Laveau, the most famous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Many say they have seen her spirit darting among the tombs, wearing a red and white seven knotted turban, and mumbling a New Orleans Santeria Voodoo curse to trespassers.

Another well known ghost haunt in New Orleans is the Laularie House (see photo), occupied in the 1830s. There are reported incidents of people seeing, feeling and hearing the ghosts of tormented slaves in the LaLaurie home, and there are even reports of the Madame herself being seen there. The spirits of the restless dead are not quiet - many say they have heard loud moans and weeping, and others have seen the ghostly faces of the dead peering from the upper windows.

Ghost cats and dogs are said to prowl the New Orleans haunted cemeteries. And haunted buildings abound throughout the city. Footsteps are heard stomping up and down halls and stairways at night, closet doors open and close, and a rush of air follows as if someone is walking through.

Rent a New Orleans timeshare now and spend a haunted October vacation in one of the most haunted cities in America.

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