Travel to the Most Haunted Cities in America – Part 4 Salem

If you are truly serious about wanting to check out real hauntings for your October timeshare rental vacation, the place you must go is, of course, Salem, Massachusetts. So we end our 4-part series of the most haunted cities in America with a look at this iconic witch-filled, ghost-filled town. Many Massachusetts timeshare rentals, in Boston or even on Cape Cod, will put you no more than an hour's drive of Salem.

Popularly known as the "Haunted Witch City," Salem's tragic history easily puts it on the map as a top "haunted destination," both for tourists and for professional paranormal investigators.

The most haunted spot in Salem is now known as Gallows Hill Park. This is the site where the majority of accused "witches" were hung during the witch hysteria that gripped the town in 1692. The original "hanging tree" is long gone, and the pit where the bodies were dumped has turned into itself with the spot now grown over. But many of the tortured souls who were unjustly killed here are still seen in ghostly apparition roaming across the ground and darting among the trees. On some nights screams and sobbing can be distinctly heard.

Salem has been forced to embrace its tragic past, and today has turned its history of witches into its main industry. Police cars are adorned with witch logos, a local public school is known as the Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, and the Salem High School football team is called The Witches.

Thus, Salem is definitely a hot spot for Halloween celebrations. From October 1 through November 1 you can join the Halloween festival in everything from parades to psychic fairs to tours of haunted houses.

Speaking of tours, you can choose from numerous tour companies for your official tour of haunted Salem, including candlelight walking tours, trolley tours, and even a haunted dinner cruise tour.

Don't miss the fascinating museums of Salem. One of the scariest is the Salem Wax Museum where you'll come face to face with eerily life-like figures representing some of Salem's most infamous citizens, including the merciless Witch Trials judge Colonel John Hawthorne, and Tituba, the accused "witch" who helped fuel the 1692 hysteria.

Salem is also known as a modern-day gathering spot for practitioners of Wicca, who comfortably call themselves witches. The Salem Witch Village is where you will "discover the truth and facts surrounding the subject of Witchcraft." Created in conjunction with modern day witches, this is touted as "the only tour in Salem to actually touch upon the true subject of Witchcraft - its history, beliefs, and practices, both ancient and modern."

Salem is the perfect spot to rent a timeshare for a spooky Halloween vacation.

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