Travel to the Garden Island of Kauai

When you think of a Hawaiian vacation, most people travel to Oahu or Maui. If you’ve visited those two beautiful islands already and you’re ready to continue exploring all Hawaii has to offer, rent a timeshare on the Garden Island of Kauai. You may hear yourself saying "I can't believe anything is this beautiful!"

Kauai is called the Garden Island for a very good reason, because it is covered in lush tropical vegetation. Visit beautiful rainforests complete with climbing vines and wild orchids; swim out to refreshing waterfalls; and enjoy miles and miles of swaying coconut palms.

How is Kauai so different? This island offers many opportunities for spectacular scenery not seen on any of the other Hawaiian islands. Waimea Canyon (see photo) is one of those sites that you must see. Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, you’ll be in awe of its deep chasms and lush, colorful, tropical foliage.

Get dirty and have fun at the Mud Bug tour. Starting out in the village of Poipu, where you can visit the endangered Monk seals, your tour will take you past an old sugarcane factory, through a tunnel and all the way up to a waterfall and pool near the town of Wailua. It’s the dirt roads you’ll travel on that can make the adventure a little muddy, since Hawaii often gets quick rain showers throughout the day.

A visit to Spouting Horn will show you ocean water shooting high up through an ancient lava tube. Take a boat tour up the Wailua River, or, go kayaking to the Fern Grotto. Ha'ena State Park offers many dry and wet caves or visit the historic Kilauea Lighthouse (see photo), a symbol of the town; and the one the island's best loved places.

A Kauai timeshare rental will give you a center point to set out on your daily adventures around the island. Relax and spread out in your spacious timeshare resort and take in the beauty that the islands have to offer.

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