Where to Get Haute Ice Cream in Honolulu

One definition for the word "haute" is "fashionably elegant." Since just being in Hawaii is pretty special, how would you like to add to the fun and check out some "Haute" ice cream places? Rent an Oahu timeshare for your haute Hawaii vacation, and follow these suggestions from Haute Living Magazine for the "Top 5 Haute Ice Cream Shops in Honolulu." Bear in mind that much of what is called ice cream in Hawaii is actually its famed "shave ice."
  1. Waiola Bakery & Shave Ice, 525 Kapahulu Avenue. Conveniently located near Waikiki, you'll enjoy shave ice at its finest - literally. It's shaved so fine it's almost like powdery snow. Here besides the popular shave ice flavors of Lychee, Lilikoi and Li hing mui, you are encouraged to create your own concoction - no matter how weird!

  2. Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream,1010 University Avenue. For the past 23 years real premium gourmet ice cream has been made here in "nibbles" - bite-sized portions. The ice cream is wrapped in a sweetened rice confection, resulting in a yummy "mochi" ice cream finger food. These incredible little morsels are available in 20 different flavors, including azuki bean, and a special flavor of the month.

  3. Lappert's Ice Cream Shoppe, 3077 Koapaka Street (see photo). Originating in a tiny storefront in sleepy Hanapepe Town on Kauai, Lappert's now has six Ice Cream Shoppe locations across Maui, Oahu and Kauai (one right in the Hilton Hawaiian Village). Mary and Walter didn't want to leave the Islands when here on vacation, so with Walter's European culinary background that included premium handmade ice creams, the couple built their dream life in Hawaii. Although their product line has increased to include gourmet coffees and bakery goods, it's all still made in small batches every day in Hanapepe.

  4. Cold Stone Creamery, 310 Kamakee Street. This ice cream store is famous for its blended ice cream creations that are mixed to your specifications right in front of you on a frozen granite stone. For the past 20 years founders Don and Susan Sutherland have considered themselves "ice cream artists" as they mix - "if you want it in your ice cream you get it" - nuts, fruits, candy and anything else you can think of, to make your very own ice cream concoction.

  5. Matsimoto Shave Ice. Perhaps the most famous shave ice establishment in all of Hawaii is not in Honolulu, but on Oahu's North Shore. The store produces almost 1000 shave ice per day, and half of the customers are locals. "Hawaiian" shave ice is actually a Japanese invention. Dating back centuries, "kakigori" was created by shaving ice from large ice blocks by using ultra sharp Japanese swords. The delicious concoction gained world-wide popularity when Japanese workers immigrated to the Hawaiian Islands, taking their traditional dessert with them.
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  1. Now THIS sounds like a good reason to visit Hawaii and what fun focus: creating a 'tour' based on Ice Cream sampling of the 'haute' or maybe a 'Best of'! It is now on my list and I am searching out those time shares for a truly 'haute' vacation!

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