Tips for Traveling with Kids

Travel with kids can be a fun experience, but it's also challenging. Kids have an attention-span that needs constant maintenance. On your way to your timeshare rental vacation, what do you bring along to keep your youngsters occupied? Like most of us, the odds are that your arsenal contains lots of electronic gizmos - DVD players and games and the like., which offers "Tips from a Traveling Family," suggests that besides all of the electronics, boring in-flight movies, and mind-numbing car "I Spy" games, there are fun "non-electronic" items that the kids will thank you for bringing along. These can easily be used in the car or on the plane, and most certainly at your spacious timeshare rental.
  1. Lacing Toys
    These are the easy "it's sewing but not really" cards, often in the shapes of animals, where your kids pull yarn through holes along the edges. Children get a big kick out of seeing how their handiwork makes the designs "come to life" with brightly colored borders of laced yarn. For small hands this can be a real challenge and so can take up some good time.

  2. Books
    Far from going obsolete, as some fear, books are still a favorite toy for children. Bring along a few of their favorite "bedtime stories," and add to those a selection of Activity Books. Many an hour will be spent doing dot-to-dot pictures, scrambling through mazes, and coloring fun scenes. There are also many books available that weave educational teaching, such as arithmetic or science, into the fun activities.

  3. Dry-erase Magnet Boards
    These do double-duty as the kids can play with magnet characters, inventing stories and adventures, and then switch to drawing or writing, or even playing tic-tac-toe, with the dry erase markers and easy clean up. Find the ones that come with good quality carrying bags in which to keep everything.

  4. Figurines and Cars
    Easily packed and providing hours of fun, these are great for both boys and girls. Is your little princess into Disney's Princesses? Bringing along Cinderella, Snow White and the whole gang will certainly send your little one on a grand Fantasyland journey. For the boys, there's always excitement in racing matchbox cars across your timeshare kitchen floor. Both sexes will enjoy Legos and the creative focus it takes to build anything - including their own figurines and cars - their imaginations can come up with. You can find Legos in handy carrying cases.

When given the opportunity, your kids will enjoy using their own creative powers and imaginations, and both of you will discover that these kinds of activities and toys go a long way toward keeping little minds and hands happily busy on every timeshare vacation.
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