3 Family Friendly Kid Approved Beaches

Summer is beach vacation time - and summer isn't over 'til it's over. There's still plenty of time to get going on your family beach vacation by staying in a timeshare rental and discovering some of the best family-friendly, kid-approved beaches.
  1. Napili Beach, Hawaii
    Just about 5 miles from your Lahaina timeshare rental on Maui, this beach is popular with the locals and visitors alike who have children. For starters, its crescent shape makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids since the entire bay is visible from any point in the water.

    The beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and the gentle slope by the shoreline makes it a fun place for boogie boarding and body surfing. While the kids are running around you can relax with the other sunbathers, and be sure to stay for the sunset - Napili Beach is known for some of the most spectacular sunsets in Hawaii. Oh, and an added bonus for the kids - a cove full of turtles!

  2. Sanibel Island, Florida
    When you rent a timeshare on Sanibel Island, just off-shore of Fort Meyers (where there are also great timeshare rentals available) in the Gulf of Mexico, you are opening up the wonderful world of shelling to your youngsters.

    Sanibel beaches are known for their premium shelling, attracting visitors from all around the world. The extraordinarily large amount of shells that wash up on Sanibel Island is due to both it's unusual east-west orientation giving it wide sandy beaches, and the fact that the island is actually part of a Gulf of Mexico plateau that acts as a shelf, gathering sea shells. The "Beaches of Fort Meyers/Sanibel" web site has a great sea shell guide for downloading that will help your kids easily identify their treasures.

  3. Santa Monica Beach, California
    A timeshare rental just about anywhere in southern California will give you easy access to this world famous beach. The beach is wide and long, offering lots of room for the kids to run, build sand castles, and even play volleyball.

    The most kid-approved aspect of Santa Monica Beach, of course, is the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier. The Santa Monica Hippodrome (carousel) is a National Historic Landmark and was seen in the movie "The Sting." And your kids will enjoy the fact that the party scene in "Hannah Montana the Movie" was all filmed on the pier. Other attractions along the pier include a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster, among numerous thrill rides. There is also an aquarium, and arcade, and street entertainers. All to be enjoyed amidst the smell of fresh salt air and the sound of crashing surf.
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