Top Roller Coaster Rides – Part 2 (Intermediate Rides)

In Part 2 of our 3-Part series on the best roller coasters in the U.S., Arthur Levine, travel writer and passionate "theme park-aholic," gives suggestions on where to find the "most underrated" roller coasters in America. Plan a timeshare rental vacation where you and your family can enjoy one of these "best kept secrets" of the roller coaster world.

Levine explains, "These underrated roller coasters don't get any respect. Maybe they're overshadowed by bigger, flashier coasters on the midway. Or perhaps they are located at smaller parks that are generally under the radar of most ride fans. Whatever the reason, the following coasters offer wonderful ride experiences."
  1. Rent a Myrtle Beach timeshare and enjoy one of the many resorts available in beautiful, South Carolina so you'll be ready to ride the Swamp Fox at Family Kingdom. This white-latticed 1966 figure-8 coaster reaches a height of 75 feet and a top speed of 50mph. It's a great "intermediate" roller coaster ride with "just enough out-of-control moments and airtime to deliver decent thrills," states Levine.

  2. A Branson timeshare rental in family-friendly, MO, will get you on the Powder Keg at Branson's great Silver Dollar City amusement park. This roller coaster, hidden in the Ozarks, uses an explosives factory theme for its compressed air launch that accelerates you from 0 to 53 mph in 2.8 seconds. It's a wild start that "is not so wild that it would only appeal to diehard thrill seekers," Levine explains. "To keep its family-friendly status, Powder Keg also foregoes any inversions, although it does feature some highly banked turns. In short, this is one blast of a ride."

  3. Scream! (see photo) is one of several roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. Rent any number of southern California timeshares, and head to this great Six Flags park that started it all with extreme roller coasters. Levine says that while there are other coasters here that get more notoriety and publicity, Scream! is "the best of its breed - a floorless coaster with some serious attitude."

  4. Less than an hour from your Washington, D.C. area timeshare rental is Six Flags America in Mitchellville, MD, one of the smaller Six Flags parks. But here you'll find a thrilling classic wooden coaster, The Wild One, dating back to 1917. "Despite its vintage," says Levine, "this woodie remains surprisingly potent, even by modern thrill machine standards."
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