Africa’s World Travel Awards

South Africa begins hosting the World Cup this month, shining the spotlight of world travel on not only that nation but all of Africa as well. In a previous post we talked about how international tourism is rebounding, especially in the Asia and Africa markets, and in another post we highlighted the month-long World Cup competition. A timeshare exchange can get you on board with the world's newest travel hotspot - Africa.

If you're wondering where in this huge continent to go, keep an eye out for the results of the "Travel Oscars," which will take place during the World Cup. Twelve hundred of Africa’s key "movers and shakers" will attend the most important event of the year for Africa's travel and tourism industry, on July 7, 2010, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The gathering for the World Travel Awards “Africa and Indian Ocean Ceremony 2010” will include CEOs and directors of some of the region’s leading travel companies, government ministers, heads of tourism departments and destinations, as well as industry association leaders.

“This is Africa’s finest night for tourism,” explains Graham E. Cooke, Founder and President, World Travel Awards. “It’s a once-a-year opportunity to recognize the exceptional quality, creativity and leading edge performance of Africa’s top operators. And because consumers use the awards as a benchmark of quality, the winners receive significant commercial benefits from the honor."

During the past few months, industry professionals around the world have been voting for the African companies and brands that they believe deserve to be recognized. The nominees are among 5,000 nominated African companies, spread across more than a 1,000 categories, including airlines, cruise companies, destinations, resorts and hotels.
World Travel Awards, described as the ‘Oscars’ of travel and tourism, was established 17 years ago and is the only global organization that encourages and supports improvement and development of the travel and tourism industry.

So pay attention to the winners, and give yourself the unique opportunity to explore this fascinating continent by taking advantage of your timeshare exchange program, one of the great bonuses of being a timeshare owner.
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