Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade is Back

Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade is Back! For a limited time this famous parade will wind itself down Main Street at Walt Disney Resort's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, in celebration of the "Summer Nightastic!" entertainment package. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Orlando timeshare rental this summer to take advantage of this great opportunity to once again see this exciting parade.

The Main Street Electrical Parade was a mainstay at Disneyland in Anaheim from 1972 until 1996. It featured floats and live performers covered in thousands of electronically-controlled lights. A synchronized soundtrack was triggered by radio control along key areas of the parade route. During the summer of 2010 the original parade can be seen at the Magic Kingdom, and an updated version, that includes LED pixie dust, will perform at Tokyo Disneyland.

Wikipedia does a good job explaining just how this amazing parade works. The engineers who helped create the parade in 1972 also created the first show-control program in existence. This allowed the 2,000-foot long parade route to contain multiple radio-activated "trigger zones." Using radio-activated triggers as each float entered a zone, the audience would hear float-specific music through the Disneyland audio system. Each zone was between 70 and 100 feet long, and the zoned system meant that every person watching the parade would experience the same show, no matter where they stood along the parade route.

Until 1977, some of the floats like the elephant train and the American flag finale were 2D and had to be pulled or pushed along the parade route. The Blue Fairy float was a 3D float, and ran until closing. The Big Bass Drum pulled by the Casey Jr. Engine, the Cinderella float and a Chinese dragon (later replaced by Pete's Dragon) and the circus calliope were all 3D. Most of these original floats can be seen in the 2010 parade at the Magic Kingdom.

As important to this parade as the lighted floats is the music. The unmistakable jaunty theme is based on a song entitled "Baroque Hoedown." The original version was created in 1967 by early synthesizer pioneers Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley.

Many of you parents and grandparents remember the Electrical Parade as a wonderful part of your childhood, and now you have a chance to make sure the next generations get to experience the same incomparable Disney magic. When the kids see the parade for the first time, once will Not be enough! A timeshare rental, and multiple-day passes to the Magic Kingdom, will allow everyone in the family to see this special Disney attraction again and again!

(Photo provided by Disney Parks Blog)
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