Romantic Hawaii Vacation Ideas

We post a lot of articles about family vacations, but how about a romantic getaway? A top timeshare romantic vacation destination is, of course, beautiful Hawaii. The tropical South Seas have always had the allure of romance.

Hawaii's islands offer romance around every corner - and curve of the beach. Oahu has Waikiki Beach, famous the world over and it can be crowded. But here you can also take tandem surfing lessons - literally fall into each others arms and into the turquoise waters of the South Pacific. A drive up the west side of the island will reward you with numerous small beaches that are very often almost deserted. Wander a soft sand beach amidst coconuts that have fallen during the night. Take one back to your timeshare kitchen and put in two straws to share its sweet juice from its own coconut shell. See Oahu timeshares.

On Maui a must-do on your romantic getaway is to watch a startling brilliant sunrise from high atop Haleakala. The dormant volcano is 10,000 feet and the top is chilly, so you'll have to snuggle together! Maui also offers great hiking - another activity that you can enjoy together. Above the Pools of O'heo is the Pipiwai Trail, considered one of the best hikes on Maui. There are several sparkling waterfalls along the route, with the final destination being the Waimoku Falls that spectacularly plunges 400-feet down a sheer lava rock wall. See Maui timeshares.

Kauai is known for its wide, uncrowded beaches with stunning sunset views. Or you can hike the mist-shrouded Alakai Wilderness Trail where you'll actually walk through clouds. Rent kayaks and tour along the base of the sheer cliffs of the spectacular Napali Coast. Kauai has an amazing array of festivals, and whether you're interested in Hawaii's special island music, in Polynesian culture, or in the paintings and sculptures of Hawaii's talented artists, you can "festival hop" during the busy summer festival season. See Kauai timeshares.

The Big Island
On the Big Island take a horseback ride across the expanse of Parker Ranch, a real working cattle ranch. Your Paniolo (cowboy) will guide you from splashing along the surf to entering mango groves where you can pick the sweet fruit right off the tree and enjoy a refreshing treat along the trail. And there is no better place for a romantic picnic than Rainbow Falls, a stunning waterfall in Hilo. Cascading for 80 feet, and 100 feet in diameter, the huge volume of water plunges over a lava cave, and creates mists where rainbows dance in the sun. See Hawaii timeshares.

Nothing says "I love you" like a romantic timeshare rental getaway on the islands of Hawaii!

(Maui photo provided by the Hawaii Visitors Bureau)
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