6 Tips for How to Rest on Your Vacation

"How to Rest on Your Vacation." That seems a no-brainer. Except that in this day and age half of you find it hard to "turn off," and instead turn your vacation into a mini work week. The other half of you come back from vacation bushed and exhausted from trying to cram too much into your few precious vacation days. Dr. Matthew Edlund, author of "The Power of Rest," offers these 6 great tips on how to turn your timeshare vacation into the rejuvenating, relaxing, and pleasurable experience it was meant to be.
  1. Get enough sleep. Most Americans are sleep deprived, so your vacation is a good time to work off some of your "sleep debt."

  2. Spend time enjoying food. Food, Dr. Edlund points out, is more than fuel - it's also love, pleasure and celebration. On your vacation try dining rather than feeding by enjoying food socially. And a timeshare advantage: Being able to cook in your timeshare kitchen will eliminate the hectic rushing to get out and get fed.

  3. Get outside. Dr. Edlund states that studies prove that moving in nature, especially when surrounded by greenery and water, markedly and quickly improves mood. Even if you are in the most urban of environments, get to a park or waterside if you can. "Nature is high, wide, vast, and deep, and moments spent in nature can make us feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually," declares Dr. Edlund.

  4. Emphasize experiences. "You don't want to treat a vacation like it's a job, where you manage to run through 17 palaces, 24 museums and 11 amusement parks in 8 days," says Dr. Edlund. "Take time to look and see the unexpected. Let serendipity take its eventful course. The great fun of travel is to experience the new."

  5. Figure out your desired level of adventure and go for it, but don't forget that rest is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, so be sure to schedule down time. "Rest renews, rebuilds, and rewires our brains and bodies," points out Dr. Edlund, "which can make us look better, feel younger, and be healthier."

  6. "And please," pleads Dr. Edlund, "turn off the cell phones, forget the emails, hide your blackberry, and only use your iPad for directions on how to find the closest park."
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