How to Avoid Timeshare Scams

Timeshare is a wonderful vacation alternative, regardless of some negative publicity over the years. Owning a timeshare offers families the opportunity to not only go back to a favorite vacation spot year after year, but also the flexibility to choose different destinations and times of the year through timeshare exchange, all the while staying in spacious accommodations at exciting resorts.

Most timeshare offers ¬are legitimate, but unfortunately scams and shady deals have ensnared enough unsuspecting people that timeshares have developed a bad reputation. Here are some tips on how to: avoid timeshare scams, do your own research and be informed.

Most timeshare scams are part of high-pressure, incentive-induced sales pitches that are most often encountered in a "timeshare presentation" by resort developers or timeshare companies. If you are offered a prize as an incentive, either through the mail or at a resort, read the fine print, and don't pay for anything. And don't ever call a 1-900 number to book a trip you've been offered, as that most likely is also a scam.

If you do attend a presentation, sit on your hands, put duct tape across your mouth, or whatever you must do to ensure that you don't buy "on the spot." Sleep on it and take the time you need to make a proper evaluation on whether this is really a good deal or not. Chances are that your research will point you in the direction of legitimate timeshare resales that you can purchase for much less.

If the sales presentation becomes too high-pressured, leave. You have the right to go, and with no arguments. One way of diffusing the situation fairly quickly is to ask for references of happy customers. If the presenter balks at giving you references, that's a good sign that it's time to get out of there.

Here is what we suggest you do instead - find a legitimate company through which you can purchase a timeshare resale. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) provides three timeshare resale advisories that will help you navigate through the secondary market, to ensure a safe and positive buying experience., the largest on-line marketplace for timeshare rentals and resales, holds the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is an excellent resource for timeshare resale listings. The website offers an easy video instruction on How to Rent, Resell or Exchange Your Timeshare, along with a resource section that will answer many of your questions.

With these tips, you are now well on your way to joining the over 4 million people who already are happily enjoying timeshare family vacations all around the globe.
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  1. Unfortunately, the big scam about time shares is the way that timeshare sales are done. During timeshare presentations, it is very common that the sales reps tell numerous lies to the potential buyers, just to get them to sign the contract, and many of them fall for the trap. The hardest part is that time shares are definitely not easy to get rid of.

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