5 Tips for Traveling with School Age Kids

School is out, summer is here, and that just means one thing - it's time for the family vacation. Once you've decided on your budget, and then on your destination (Beach? Mountains? Theme parks? Visiting Grandma and Grandpa?), select a timeshare rental and you'll be all set!

If you'll be traveling with school-age kids, your summer vacation can be an exciting time to share experiences with them. Kids this age are eager to spend family time, willing to participate in the planning, and their inquisitive nature can make the trip fun for mom and dad.

Based on some suggestions by travel expert Lorry Patton we've compiled these tips for traveling with your school-age youngsters:
  1. Let the kids start marking off the calendar at least a couple of weeks before the trip. Waiting can be very exciting. Use the calendar as a means of keeping everybody on track by making a "count down" of when particular tasks need to be completed.

  2. Also at least a couple of weeks ahead of time make a list with each child of what to pack. You may have to make some appropriate decisions on the type of clothing, but let the children choose what favorite items they'll take. A week before departure day is a good time (put it on the calendar!) to check over the clothing to make sure it's all in good repair.

  3. The kids can be responsible for carrying their own backpacks, which will also lighten the load for you. Let the children decide what to take on the plane, or in the car, to pass the time. In your own carry-on bag pack snacks, gum and wet wipes. Your bag can also include a surprise toy (a good one is a disposable camera) for each child in case of unexpected wait times at airports.

  4. The night before departure discuss safety and security rule, like where to meet if you get separated. This is also a good time to let them know what to expect when going through airport security (they'll have to let go of their backpack, doll, teddy bear for a few minutes.) Also remind your older youngsters that "My dad has a bomb" jokes are not funny.

  5. When you've chosen your timeshare rental, you'll get information about the many amenities at the resort. Make an itinerary of each day's plans, including resort activities, along with a few "Plan Bs" so your youngsters aren't disappointed if plans change. And be sure to include some "down time," which is easy to do since your timeshare will be spacious, with plenty of room for the entire family to relax.
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