Safety Tips for Traveling with Children – Part 1

This is the first in our two-part series on safety tips from the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) on traveling with children. Summer is a time when many families head out on a timeshare vacation that has been dreamed about and planned on for a long time. Vacations are for relaxing - but you don't want to be too lax and end up with a trip to the E.R. with one of the kids.

“In a new environment, or when you’re doing new and different activities, there are risks you may not have thought of because you don’t encounter them every day," said ENA President Diane Gurney. The ENA offers these tips to help ensure a safe and happy family vacation.
  1. If you're driving, make sure everyone stays buckled in, and car seats are used. Pack the car so heavy and dangerous items will not fly about the car if you are in an accident. DO NOT text and drive, and only use hands-free devices for talking on the cell phone. Take frequent breaks to keep alert - it's just as easy to doze off during the day as at night.

  2. If you're flying, remember to take the car seat which you'll need in the taxi. If you'll be renting a car at your destination, check to see if a car seat can be included.

  3. At your timeshare, child-proof it just as you would at home. Bring electric outlet covers with you. Look for trip hazards, and put out of reach anything little ones could accidentally ingest. Use rubber bands or twine to keep cupboards and drawers in the kitchen closed if they contain knives, glassware, cleansers, etc.

  4. At crowded places such as theme parks, pin a piece of paper with contact information on your child (in a pocket or by a hem, etc.) in case they get lost. Also take a picture of your child with your cell phone camera so you'll have a picture of what the child is wearing.

  5. Swimming - make sure there is a lifeguard at the pool. If the pool is posted to have no lifeguard on duty, remain with the child at all times. If the child is old enough to swim without a parent, make sure they use the "buddy system."

  6. Outdoor activities require sun screen, which must be reapplied at least every two hours. And make very sure that the children stay well hydrated. Ideally outdoor activities would be done during the cooler times of the day, typically before 10am and after 4pm.
With these safety tips, and using your parental common sense, you and the kids are bound to have fun on this year's summer timeshare vacation.

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