Tips on Finding Timeless Souvenirs

The opportunity to travel to new places, whether across the globe, across the country, or just across the state, is what makes timeshare vacations so much fun. Souvenirs are a big part of vacationing - they serve as wonderful memories, and also serve as a way of actually bringing home a piece of that special place.

But you can accumulate just so many souvenir mugs, spoons, and tacky snowglobes. On your next timeshare vacation, how about considering other souvenir options? Keith Skeel, owner of Eccentricities Interiors Emporium in London, suggests that you find a souvenir that can be made a part of your home's interior design. And it doesn't have to be anything fancy.

As you explore your vacation destination, keep your eyes out for some item that is indicative of the culture, the heritage, and the people of that area. Native cloths, fabrics and woven wall hangings (see photo) are good souvenirs for your home. Put them on a wall, across the back of a chair, or even use them as the backing in a picture frame over which you can place photographs of your trip.

When you visit art museums, check with the gift shop to see if any of your favorite paintings or sculptures is depicted on a poster. Keith Skeel points out that with the latest printing technology, many galleries can now make up a poster of a huge range of paintings on the spot. When you get home, place that poster in a matted frame and hang it in your main room. Make it a part of the d├ęcor by picking out a couple of key colors in the poster and matching them with pillows, throws, and even curtains.

Many destinations have beautiful hand-made tiles. Choose a handful and have fun using them to decorate a spot in your house, such as a bathroom. You can pick brightly colored tiles, intricately designed tiles, or simple two-color tiles. Due to weight and fragility these might be a souvenir that you'll want to think about shipping home.

Another souvenir you can easily ship back is pottery. (Skeel's tip for choosing good quality pottery is to heft the weight - the heavier the better.) And Skeel says don't worry about buying something that has a chip or a scratch - it'll be cheaper, and the flaw will make the piece even more special when you get it home.

When it comes to these kinds of lasting souvenirs "It's about bringing back a lovely memory," says Skeel. "If you enjoyed the experience of the purchase, you are going to enjoy the item."

So whether your vacation includes a timeshare rental, a timeshare resale purchase or a timeshare exchange, these ideas can help you find a souvenir that you'll be proud to showcase in your home.

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