Things to do in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

Across the country from New York City's famed Central Park, is a park just as exciting for family outings - San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Rent a San Francisco timeshare in the City by the Bay, and check out Golden Gate Park - at over a thousand acres, and three miles long, it's actually larger than Central Park. Just a drive through, following the scenic drive signs, takes an hour.

Golden Gate Park is home to two premier museums, the deYoung Art Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences. Gardening enthusiasts will enjoy the Japanese Tea Garden (see photo), the outdoor botanical garden, and the Conservatory of Flowers.

Other fun things to see include Queen Wilhelmina's Windmill, an honest-to-goodness Dutch windmill that stands near the west end of the park. In spring, tulips bloom around its base. Spreckels Lake is a fun weekend stop where you can watch small-scale radio-controlled boats sail, paddle, or jet across the water.

Or take your own rowboat, or fun paddle boat, out on Stow Lake, a fun family-friendly activity (life vests are available for the kids). You'll all enjoy this stunningly beautiful lake with its waterfall and pagoda-like gazebo. Pack a picnic from your timeshare kitchen and head to a popular picnic spot, Strawberry Island, in the middle of the lake.

Adults will enjoy "Lindy in the Park," a Swing dancing fest held every Sunday. The totally free afternoon starts off with a beginner's lesson, and then breaks into a huge dance party with a mix of jazz, blues, and swing music. Whether you're totally green or a real pro, you'll feel at home with this diverse crowd. Or you can simply sit back and tap your toe as a spectator.

For the kids, America's oldest public playground, the Children's Playground, now officially called Koret Children's Quarter after a recent $3.8 million renovation, is the place to go. There's lots to do, from spinning cups to a 50-foot climbing tower, from slides to ziplines. The classic carousel, built in 1912, has organ music and ornate animals to ride.

And what other park in the country has its very own bison herd for the kids to enjoy?! Get up close and personal at Buffalo Paddock.

Note: There is now a shuttle bus from the free Ocean Beach parking lot to various locations inside the park; it's just $2 for an all-day round trip. So rent a timeshare in San Francisco and enjoy this west coast big brother of NYC's Central Park - it might become your family's favorite.

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