See the Mummies of the World Exhibit on your California Timeshare Vacation

Southern California seems to have it all, and the newest addition to the California events calendar is no exception. "Mummies of the World" is a premier museum exhibition that opened at the California Science Center in Los Angeles on July 8th and will run until November 28, 2010. A budget timeshare rental just about anywhere in southern California will give your family the opportunity to enjoy a beach vacation, a Disneyland trip, a day at Sea World, and an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime, chance to see real mummies.

Where did these mummies come from and how were they collected for a world-wide exhibit? In 2004 twenty human mummies were found in the basement of the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums in Mannheim, Germany. These mummies had been hidden from the Nazis during WWII, but it was thought that the Nazis had, in fact, destroyed them.

After this startling discovery, the mummies were studied by an international team of scientists from many different disciplines. The "German Mummy Project" was the largest mummy research project in the world. The results are presented in the "Mummies of the World" exhibition, made possible through the collaboration of 21 world-renowned museums, organizations, and collections from seven countries.

Yes, these are real mummies, and you can bet your teens will find that exciting. Your "tweens" might even find them intriguing. But the California Science Center cautions about bringing younger children. An on-line parent guide is available for downloading and will give you guidelines as to how to decide which of your children would enjoy the exhibit and which ones might be frightened by it. You'll also find suggestions on how to prepare your children, even the teens, on what they will encounter, and how to have reverence for these human remains.

In fact, to explain "Mummy Ethics," the California Science Center has released this statement: "We present 'Mummies of the World' recognizing that ethical guidelines of global museum partnerships demand that human remains are treated with respect and dignity, taking into account the interests and beliefs of the social, ethical and religious groups from which the human remains originate."

Many members of your family are sure to find this exhibit fascinating. The science behind mummification is presented in detail with interactive and multimedia displays. The collection's mummies, some dating as far back as 6,500 years, are from every continent, and preserved in different ways. All tickets to "Mummies of the World" are timed-entry for 75 minutes, giving each person the chance to really experience the exhibit.

So make your plans for a southern California timeshare vacation and put "Mummies of the World" on your agenda. You can do it as a family summer vacation or a fall retiree trip. Either way, odds are you've never before taken a vacation like this one!

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